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Story mode (nearly complete story on page 8)

Stage 1: lion forest

1-1, the little fighters started a secret training camp after defeating Julian.
3 days ago, you started having bad visions of you and the others dying. It is night and you're having those dreams again. The dreams make you think you must leave the training camp. You leave together with Nino, a new member of the little fighters. John stays in the camp to contact the other little fighters telepathically to tell them that they are in grave danger.

1-4, you keep moving towards the icy mountains but the sun is starting to rise (if data changer can do this), you rescue and hostage and he says something like "this mad monster was walking around looking for something and destroying everything in the forest, he even took my wife with him!". He's referring to Julian but the player doesn't know this.

1-5, sun is up, your walking in a destroyed forest (if data changer can do this)
1-7, you face Bat, one of Julian's men.
1-8, you face Julian (battle similar to stage 5-5 in the original game but easier).
1-9, You take Justin hostage. You also find Jan, the hostage's wife that Julian left behind when he ran away, she joins you. You can see now the icy mountains as u get close to them. You go after Julian.

Opponents in the stage: mainly bandits and hunters.

Stage 2: icy mountain (Magia mask & Frost mask)
You start climbing the icy mountain where Julian is after another mask. On the mountain lives an old magician. He and his ancestors have been protecting the ice for generations. To protect the mountain, he tries to stop Julian, but without any luck. Julian is close to getting the mask.

2-1 until 2-3, you fight the Wizard's minions
2-4 until 2-6, you fight a mix of Julian minions and wizard minions. End of 2-6, freeze joins you
2-7, you fight the wizard, freeze talk to him and make him join you
2-8, you face Julian together with the wizard, and take Julian's mask and the one in the ice after winning

Note: not sure if we should let them face Julian 2 times in the story. We could also make Bat the stage 1 boss and leave Julian for stage 2.

Stage 3: dark forest (Beast mask)
You go into a dark forest with a big moon (bg).
In stage 3-5, a new enemy appears: it's the general, who's also after the masks. You fight the general.
In stage 3-8, you find the 3th mask. A big werewolf is guarding it. You beat him, the werewolf changes back into his human form and he tells you to go to the city of Lake Town.

Opponents in the stage: sorcerers, bandits, hunters

Stage 4: Lake Town

4-1 & 4-2, Jacks, bandits, hunter
4-3, you are being robbed by an unknown character. Dennis joins you
4-4, woody joins you.
4-5, the unknown character shows itself: it is a fast minion with teleportation skills.
4-6, you face Firzen (who is holding the 3 stolen masks)
4-7, after defeating Firzen, Davis joins you and you step into a machine that was behind Firzen

Stage 5: Enemy camp
The little fighters have teleported themselves right into the main enemy's camp.

5-3, you face the general with the 4th mask on, so he's stronger than before. However, the general hasn't told his boss that he has actually found the mask;
5-7, you have to face the main enemy who is after the masks.

The main enemy has got four of them but he can not find the last one. He is convinced that the Little Fighters have it, so he's going to destroy them in a great battle and claim the last mask. This enemy, the boss villain, appears to be the ultimate villain, BUT... The general, who really has the last mask, manages to steal the bag with his boss' masks and flees the scene, beats the sh*t out of the guards and brings all the masks together to REALLY become the ultimate villain.

Stage 5-8, the general comes back as the ultimate villain and he kills his boss and then you have to fight the general, who has obtained the power from all the masks. Luckily for you, you get some help from 5-6 other Little Fighters in an extreme battle. General has high stamina, high defence, high speed, high physical power AND high special power.

Magia mask (Julian's, dark blue & red glowing eyes) - special attack
Frost mask (Wizard's, white & blue) - stamina (heavily reduced mana cost)
Beast mask (Wolf's, color doesn't really matter for now, its just a filler :)) - physical strenght
Shadow mask (General's, 2nd form, black & blue) - speed & evasiness
Titan Mask (Main Villain's (red&?) - defence

And the last mask is a fusion of all 5, so it boosts everything.
Note: the wizard isn't wearing the mask, he's preventing it from ever being released.

THE STORY (has to be updated still, summary is complete)

Feel free to use materials made for LF2 extended, such as the sprites for Daniel. You can choose to continue it or to use the sprites for a new character. You can find the subforum for LF2 extended under 'projects'.
Thanks given by: Mono
I think that we should fuse OG LF2 vs another group of fighters and Evil clone fighters.
Stuff here seems to be similar, two sides, one is bad and other is good. 

Like I said, some other group of bad guys or evil mastermind heard of powerful fighters and wants to test them or atleast fight them with his own creations.

Well, If I am sticking to my Idea. 

Fighters vs Other fighters.
[Image: 1KVVzLk.png] Woody's doppelganger Boody. Like the story says that when you see your doppelganger, weak one dies and stronger lives. He have heard of Woody and  wanned to meet him and kill, because killing your doppelganger means that you absorb his powers then and become perfect being.

[Image: eH5UHA3.png]
Rudolf's new rival. "Red Shadow"
He challenges Rudolf and wants to see who is stronger ninja.
He does not have bad intentions.
He is not from main enemy team but he is more like side enemy who later might join you.

It would be good to have custom music for this one. 

edit1: Having multiple enemy teams might make game more interesting like some have past enemies. Might fill up some story stage and not be boring with same enemy stuff.
Like with Julian, bandits were secondary enemies that got in the way at forest and prison but later Julian gained control over bandits.
Thanks given by:
first i would say, before thinking about new chars.
we need to think of new attacks for the main chars.
than i would say a minor sprite edit to the originals would also be good idea.
nothing to fancy maybe just adding an item or a piece of clothes just to give the feeling of something new.
than start investigate for an interesting story line.
now after we get those done i think its time to move for the small enemies that compare to Bandits , hunters , monks etc..
after we get those done we design the stage mode and the background.
so we have a good background to fit for the new chars, now we can make them more interesting and more connected to the story line.
soooooo.. just dont get into the new chars design now, cuz in my opinion we need to make them connected to the story line.
just work in the order i wrote above if u agree with me...

just a remainder, u guys going bit to far please remember the main idea of this mod
its an extended lf2 nothing to fancy, a simple mode- not new mod with bunch of new chars and crazy storyline.

Quote:In my opinion, mods don't need to be very fancy to be enjoyable, the simplism of LF2 is what makes it so attractive to me.

u wrote this, and thats the main reason i joined the team,i couldn't agree more with that sentence.

anyway to make it clear-
stick to the main idea of an extended lf2 not a whole new mode with new chars.
than after we finish with this go ahead start work about as many chars as u want.
the first idea of just improving , giving a small twist to the char, and just changing the small enemies thats what made me join.
its like a continue storyline after julian.
u dont need to make a fancy story of evil clones.
i would say, making new small bad guys (like the bandits hunters etc) and no more than 2-3 full bad guys. count 1 of them as the last boss.
thats it nothing more...
[Image: p45mycA.png]
Thanks given by:
Like I said before, discussion is for later, this is merely a brainstorm on the theme... however, there's a few points you mentioned that can easily cause some trouble, so it's best to get some clarity on those things first.

The only thing that can not be changed from this point, is the main course of the mod, which is an extended version of the original game. This means: all the original character will still be in the mod, (almost) completely unmodified, except maybe 1 or 2 extra moves.

Quote:just a remainder, u guys going bit to far please remember the main idea of this mod

its an extended lf2 nothing to fancy, a simple mode- not new mod with bunch of new chars and crazy storyline.

It's supposed to be an expansion of the original game. I think we'll need to discuss, and agree as a team, on how many characters can be added and what is going to happen with the storyline, before we start creating. Let's discuss this in a seperate topic when we're done with the brainstorm. Just keep your ideas coming for now.

Quote:just work in the order i wrote above if u agree with me...

What this could cause, is people following diffirent paths, which can cause us to get divided. The order you wrote is diffirent from the one I suggested. If you disagree on the order I suggested, please reply in the "Plan" topic (I know, it wasn't there yet when you wrote your post :) ). I agree to some of your points, but it's important that we work as a team, so let's all follow the same plan alright? :) 

I hope you agree Ariel. Let me know!

I'll update the basic planning, so we'll not forget about important matters like this anymore.
Feel free to use materials made for LF2 extended, such as the sprites for Daniel. You can choose to continue it or to use the sprites for a new character. You can find the subforum for LF2 extended under 'projects'.
Thanks given by:
Warning: Long post incomming

Alright alright where to start. Keep in mind when reading the following that this is the brainstorming thread so I'm writing down EVERYTHING. I'm aware that most of this stuff is way too much or not even possible with the LF2 exe, its just what I'd love to be playing.

So where to start... hm.. The last couple of days i was realy hyped about this new mod and the team and thousands of more or less good ideas came to my head. Reading what u guys already posted and combining with what didnt get out of my head I came up with following idea.

whole mod is based around the origional Little Fighters.

Possibilty to play a lot different Stage modes which can be divided in 2 big classes:

Stage mode 

classic stage mode how it exists in LF2, ofc with a new big story. this mode will contain of a couple of stages just like in origional LF2.
didnt think to much what this mode will be about, can basicly be everything.

Story mode

Here is where the crazyness beginns. I wondered how cool it would be if every single of the origional characters would have his own story mode.
Means by choosing Rudolf in the char-select u would have to play Rudolf's Story/Stage. Here we could bring in a lot of already created characters or if willing to do the work bring in new chars, for the example of Rudolf we could bring in the Idea of "Red Shadow" mentioned by mono a few posts above. Furthermore if u beat the stage of the character u unlock new attacks for this char. This way we could bring in the idea of upgraded origional characters. The idea is that the player first has to beat the story mode of a certain character to be able to use new ( stronger) moves in the Stage mode. To make this challenging and fun for the player, the characters which can be enemies or old friends/teachers of the OCs can be especially challenging for this exact character. What I mean is that the characters u have to fight in story mode are knowing and using the weaknesses of the character ur playing. This way u'd have a big feeling of succes by beating the stories and players can be proud of themselfes. Also this would force the player to realy get into mastering a character (his favorite) and therefore it'd be also easier for him to get further in the Stage mode. U could see story mode as the training area of the whole mod. I guess it's obvious that this is singleplayer only. Another Idea for story mode i had could be same story for a couple of chars, for example Dennis and Davis share same story. If u choose Dennis in select, u get assisted by an AI Davis and the otherwy around. 

Well, this was my basic Idea, I think i could write bit more but my thoughts are so chaotic right now and i can't realy sort them^^

Keep in mind that this Idea would mean a huuUUUuuuUUuge amount of work as we'd have to create a bunch of backgrounds and come up with lots of cool ideas for the stories of each of the characters... each one being unique and amazing to play, and this only for story mode, not haveing done anything for stage mode yet xD. Also, if its even possible, we'd need an superbe Hexeditor/ Advanced DCer I assume.

My crazy Ideas, whatcha think? ._.
Thanks given by: Ariel
Nice idea, reminds me of some games I have played.
It would be cool but it might lose this LF2 style with "HEXING the EXE"

I was thinking about gameplay with mission modes like LF2 RN did (by felix) (I hope that I am not jumping out of the frame)
you know, run away before something collapses, stay alive for some ammount of time while fighting with many enemies, dont let someone to die.

As if sticking to a sequal of LF2, lets leave LF as the  main chars.
Thanks given by:
The idea is really cool Arcane! But... it will probably be too much to handle even for a team of decent modders and it would use a killer amount of ID frames as you'd probably need a new ID number for every new special move you want to unlock (the only thing I could think of this working is by transforming into another character, which is actually the same character but with an extra move) :p I like the idea but I'm afraid that something like this will be way too much brainwork, leading to the cancellation of the mod in the end.. It's just an idea though, and with the right people on the job, it might be possible idk.. 
Feel free to use materials made for LF2 extended, such as the sprites for Daniel. You can choose to continue it or to use the sprites for a new character. You can find the subforum for LF2 extended under 'projects'.
Thanks given by:
I know^^

I just wanted to give a background why the Fighters are now able to use those new attacks. I always find it kinda weird if ur suddenly able to do new stuff without any reason.
Thanks given by:
haha i realy liked the idea of the specific story for each char
if it possible doing that im in  (only if we get those extreme dcers and hexers)

ok so ill get into my ideas now
first something iv been thinking about is the original chars
giving them 1-2 new moves might cause some problems
-first it might unbalance the game although can be fixed but still
-second ppl might get this too complicated while they need to use 6 attacks in fight
-ppl wont get realy excited about just some new moves in conntact with the old ones

so i got an idea that we could solve those problems
keep the same concept of the original attacks but giving them a twist or a revamp
this way it will be new attacks, it will be simple, and it will keep to original concept

for example as i sent u for bat Memetno (i know u didnt rly liked it but we might can work on this idea and make it fit to ur interest ^_^)
so for bat-
lets take his bats attack now if we change them to be fewer bats that means it deal less dmg so keep that in mind
now we take that extra dmg and place it on the laser but instead of eye size laser lets make it a bloody beam at the height of bats body
now it might not be very balanced so we take another step for the Bats attack, if they strike the enemy they unleash an orb of blood
that fly to bat himself and healing him, another problem nos is that the laser beam is too strong now right?
but if we give extra heal to bat from the bats attack we can make the laser beam to use hp

so what we did here?
we just edited the laser sprites a bit, changed few numbers in the data and lastly added that healing think for the bats
thats it, we got an old char with some new twist

here is a sketch i did to explain those ideas for memento
ignore the first fly attack its not as good as i thought just look at the last 2
[Image: 5goUyHy.png]

now story line:
Julian dies, firen and freeze are out of the game they are firzen now (but i do think we need to remake his attack and balance him with the originals cuz he is op)
original louis is also out only ex left cuz if it is a continue he is already upgraded
so we got the ids of the fusions and the evolve chars open keep that in mind for later
now few years after the war all the chars got new attacks and they kept in contact expect of davis
after the horror of what julian did to many of his friends he realize this world is a huge just a nightmare
so he want to eliminate the world that way no one need to suffer anymore
he trained the same time as the others but suddenly he started acting
and the news about his change came to the other fighters
dennis and woody his best friends couldnt leave him to do that and they went on to talk with him
but davis didnt give up, indeed he mind controled them and gave them some of the powers he stole from the ones he kill
the other fighters think that woody and dennis betrayed them
so they grouped up (the ones that survived, i think we should kill a few just so we dont have too much chars)
and they went to gather new fighters to help them on
(those can be change just some examples of what the new chars could be)
the first one is Davis's younger brother
the second is Rudolf's master
the third one is human justin

now Davis also gathered many fighters to help him but
instead of keeping them he fused them to one ultimate solider
so just a map of chars we got so far:
davis->dennis,woody,ultimate solider->smaller soliders like candits hunters etc..
and our good group-
Bat, Deep, Firzen, Henry, Jan, John, LouisEX, Rudolf. and the new guys- Davis's younger brother, Rudolf's master and human justin

now remember we kept the ids of louis firen and freeze?
so davis see dennis and woody cant handle things alone- he fuses them together
and for the evolve char just chose one of those to evolve to an ex ^_^ -Bat, Deep, Henry, John, Rudolf
remember Louis stay LouisEx but he is named as Louis he just not have armor he got his spear

so story line- V

stage mode:
first u fight the new good guys to invite them for ur group they wanna test ur skills
than u fight against Dennis than against Woody than the ultimate solider (i just dont have name for him) than the fuse of dennis and woody
and lastly against davis
so for maps
first map will be in the road to julians castle
than julian broken castle where u find justin
than u got to rudolf master place and fight them both, rudolf and his master
so we got 3 maps done
the 4th map will be in davis home town
where first u fight against his younger brother than dennis and woody
last map i dont have clear idea lets say some kind of destroyed town although its not really creative (im counting on u guys for this)
so in the last map u fight aginst the ultimate solider than the fuse of dennis and woody and lastly against davis

stage mode- V

thats it for now i worte too much X_X
tell me wut u think
[Image: p45mycA.png]
Thanks given by:
(10-02-2014, 02:09 PM)Arcane Wrote:  I know^^

I just wanted to give a background why the Fighters are now able to use those new attacks. I always find it kinda weird if ur suddenly able to do new stuff without any reason.

We might be able to do something for this anyway..! At the cost of quite some ID numbers in data.txt, that is :) By letting the character auto-transform into the one with the new special move(s) maybe. If we do this, it's also less of a problem to modify other (extremely minor!) things on the existing characters as we'll have 2 sets of every character: the original and the one with the new move and perhaps combo possibilities with this new move. 
We can make the new moves story-related if we do it like this. For exemple, Rudolf who gets in life-threatening danger because he's being threatened by the boss, and instintively uses a move where he dodges the attacking opponent with a spin and slashes him in the back with his sword (just an exemple)

EDIT: alright, everyone of us shared their ideas, great! :D I'd like to wait for Rhino too, as he's in the team now as well. 
I updated the first post and made a summary of the ideas. Please check if everything is correct! You can still add new ideas at the moment.
The next step is deciding on a theme! Because there's so many ideas, it's best to discuss it first and eventually start a poll in a few days (except if we can decide on a theme without the need to vote, if everyone's thinking pretty much the same.. ;) ). 
Feel free to use materials made for LF2 extended, such as the sprites for Daniel. You can choose to continue it or to use the sprites for a new character. You can find the subforum for LF2 extended under 'projects'.
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