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Recommended game reviews
Hi guys.

This is a thread where you recommend a game while reviewing it,nothing more.I thought it may be interesting to know what kind of games different people play.I also thought it might be nice to have active lfe members play the same online game...
(Can also be offline..).You must include comments and if can,screenshots.I will start.

Grand Fantasia

Type: Online

Description: Unlike most online games,this games has 8 different classes!You can be a Wizard,Priest,even Asassins!It has 4 channels but only one server,Illania.There are also amazing quests with bosses,and fantastic guilds(also called clans) consisting of players all around the world.It has levels up to 85!!

Install(?): Download the game at here .You must also Sign Up and install the game.At the first time you open the game,loads long(Not if you have good Internet! :)).

Problems: Its quite big,1.73 GB...but its worthed. Most players have "Unable to connect to server" after launching "_Launcher" but its just a small mistake,you must open the SECOND launcher,"Launcher(Without using _ at the front)" under the first launcher (_Launcher).
Comment: This game is very addicting,5 stars !! Designed with guilds and special bosses with level systems,and nice graphics too.
If you want to findme,My name is Henreel there, currently on guild <KnightRaid>.Join guild now!

I hope you enjoy this game :D.
Screenshot (Click to View)

Credits to Prince_freeza for avatar
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Since you are asking for it - more shameless advertising I don't even get paid for:
my review on Lethal League Wrote:As a projectile fighting game Lethal Leagues core is simple: hit your opponent with a ball to score and ultimately win a match.
You can try a bare bones prototype on reptile games' website to see if you like that concept.
Like many other recent small competitive games this one challenges the player with high risk&reward as a single hit from the ball is a knock out. Although if you or your team hit the ball last it won't harm you.
The intense fun of this game starts to kick in once you've hit the ball back and forth a few times, ever increasing its speed to ridiculously high levels (speedometer at the bottom on the boombox). Normal hits only increase the ball speed by 1, charged hits and smashes however double the speed. With more speed the hit lag will increase, the screen will shake, the background will change, intense visual effects will ripple across the screen and the characters will throw catchy phrases at each other as they hit the ball. Next to jumping and swinging you can also bunt the ball to slightly decrease the speed and carefuly set up your next attack.
The movement mechanics are very solid. You can move right and left as you jump, you can tap for a short hop or hold to jump higher and stay in the air longer as well as press down to fall faster.
The selectable characters two major mechanic differences are their method of gaining height (high jump, wall jump, double jump, wall ride, ...) and their special move, which can be activated with a full special bar (builds up by hitting the ball).

Next to online and local multiplayer with up to 4 people there is also a single player challenge with 10 increasingly difficult stages to beat in sequence and in local multiplayer there are 7 levels of AI difficulty with the highest one still being a challenge even if you are already very good at the game - although not as engaging as a good human player will probably be.

And it's a damn lot of fun.
Raced to the top of my most played game ever list during beta testing.

I tried really hard to keep this review limited to what I would want to know about. You can get all the broader details by reading their key features list, including such things as "No weak sh*t".
Other reviews have described this as Super Smash Bros. level of fun, Super Saiyan Pong, better than Dive Kick and Nidhogg, easy to pick up hard to master, blah blah ...
Thanks given by: Alapottra
Ace Attorney games
I've only beaten one so far, and I am half through the second one, but one thing I have concluded: These games are fantastic. Seriously, I never thought a game about law attorneys would get my interest like that, but fortunately, I was all wrong.

The Plot:
You play as Phoenix Wright, a defense attorney, doing your best to save your clients from a "Guilty" verdict. In order to do so, you will find yourself doing investigations, collecting evidence, cross-examining witnesses' testimonies digging for contradictions and gaps to uncover the truth causing major mind-blowing turnabouts.  
Your opponents in court are rarely ordinary; Mostly top-notch prosecuting attorneys where some might even reshape the truth and often forge evidence to get their Guilty verdicts. Words can not emphasize the awe I was in after winning that case against this man whom has got all the courts under his thumb.

The Gameplay:
50% reading, 40% thinking and 10% doing some random accusations to buy yourself more time for the case :P.
As you can see, a huge segment of the gameplay has to do with thorough reading of dialogues. The script makes sure reading these dialogues will never get boring by giving it the perfect balanced share of humor. The Judge, a gullible, cheeky yet a fearsome old man, makes sure the trial is never as lively and never as fair.

Final Statement:
These games have kept me on my 3DS for days now. I recommend these games for whoever is into the crime genre. This franchise is an underrated gem which quality's can be compared to Nintendo's 1st party's. 

Out for: DS, 3DS and IOS (only the first 3 games were ported).

Ramond edited this post 10-19-2014 04:17 PM because:
You're the man! Can totally agree with everything. I've played all the (canonical) AA games and heck I recommend them all to everybody. :p
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Thanks given by: bashscrazy , Conqueror
Yee! The Ace Attorney games are great!

I have played all of the ones released in NA except Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
AA Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, I played that one for a bit. Didn't get really far, forgot why I stopped playing.

EDIT: @Ramond, I would but I am currently lacking the funds and time for it. Also I was never a big Layton fan, I enjoyed the characters and stories as well as some most of the puzzles. But I never really got hooked and attached to it like I did with Ace Attorney. I played the DS games just cause of AceKard 2i and they were free because of it and shiiiii~ (same reason I got into AA lol - love that AK2i)
but yeah I might give it a whirl in the future. But for now, I'll stick with occasionally playing Smash Bros 3DS!

Ramond edited this post 10-19-2014 04:19 PM because:
Go play it NOW! (Layton vs. Wright that is :p )
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Me:bashscrazy's statement is clearly faulty, your honor.
Judge: You don't sound pretty convinced your self; overruled!

I know, right XD. I am yet to play the Professor Layton games (heard they are pretty good) before I get that cross-over. As for now, I am obsessed with what I have XD.

Edit: 3DS owners, the chance has come. A triology has recently been released; the 3 first games are being sold for 30$ together in the 3DS's e-shop! (with enhanced graphics bla bla bla).
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