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What kind of online/multiplayers games you are playing?
What kind of online/multiplayers games you are playing?
Share any mmo, rpg, strategy, shooter multiplayer game.
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Been playing a lot of Hearthstone lately. Nice game.

You can add me if you want; Lauli#2994
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d3 and used to play hearthstone
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im still into league

might wanna get into magic online, used to play hearthstone back in the beta.
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Age of Empires 2 - The Conquerors on Voobly

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oh u
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Let's see
CS:GO (mainly with my clan consisting of my irl friends)

...And it seems that's about it. I USED to play Killing floor (with the same clan), Hearthstone (I dunno. I kinda just collect the card backs atm), TF2 (same clan).
I kind of sometimes play Unturned, though only whenever another group of my friends are in play. Personally not that interested in the game.
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Used to play Awesomenauts all the time.

Not so much anymore but still play occasionly. My internet has gone to sh*t so I can't really play much anymore.
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Grand Fantasia,used to play this but some error happened...
Also Crystal Story 2,Amadis recommend this game to me
Also,Hero Fighter...

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I used to play AOE 2 on Voobly a lot too.
I don't play online anymore actually.
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Frankly I don't really play online games so much.

I play Hearthstone to pass the time, whenever I have nothing else to do (at school basically), but frankly I think the game is overhyped and overrated, and if I had access to a better game I would probably play that.

I also play osu! a bit more, though not really an online/multiplayer game it can be played against others, and there is a ranking system. I really enjoy this a lot over Hearthstone and would play it a lot more was it not for the fact that when using two different mice to play with (one at school and one at home) it gets hard to adjust between them.

Other than that I play League of Legends from time to time.
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