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Plot writing: "F.F. x LF2"
I've just completed drafting the plot for my own mod of LF2.
The idea is aged 7 years, but never nailed down as now.

I think it's not very right to post here because this is a plot, not exactly a story. There isn't a single dialogue.
But it's not so for the Projects section either, as I've nothing (can be played) to release.

The mod is a huge stage set, for 13 EXEs, i.e. 78 stages.
I must draft and fix the plot first because it determines how the heroes "advance levels", what enemies and backgrounds to be included.
So it must go right...

I'm adapting "described stages". It is like the original LF2 stages but with a short story mentioning why the heroes fight in the places,
what the roles and purposes of the enemies are etc., which is very different from deliberately scripted in-game stories like Kingdom-LF2.
I guess people would less enjoy playing mods require reading a huge text file attached, but here it is...

Here's the plot. Would you feel interested to play around the stages based on this framework? :)


Here plans what the general plot is and what elements the
stages will contain.

[spoiler=PROLOGUE and SETTING]----------------
PROLOGUE and setting

In Sasto, the known world to the little fighters, fighting
was a key part of the people's life. Not really for causing
troubles, these lovely little guys fight for exercise and
entertainment, not for war. And they were very tough too, the
fighting were extremely occasionally fatal. This was probably
biologically how their race was. A normal-tier fighter could
stand a couple of neck-stepping with no injury -- but serious
pain as human. Hmm they recover much faster than us.

"Magic" was common here too. It means, the energy balls seem
to be magic for human was natural here. Fighters can cost
their stamina to make them, simply condense and fill the air
with their energy.

The fighters everywhere in Sasto were not really unified.
There were mainly two beliefs, or sides. Some fighters
thought their naturally given power, by the Creator, is
sacred and should be limited to their own body use. They
refused to cast magic on weapons or tools, and take those who
do so offensive that has to be punished. This side was called
the Fistists, disputes they use also their legs and plain

Those who were "offended" to them were amazed about their
reasons. They thought their intelligence of crafting weapons
were also given by the Creator. If mixing magic and tools
could optimize the combat power, then it would be the way --
these are the Optimists.

Initially this was how the two beliefs are formed, and people
shared the similar join. The Fistists stayed hidden in their
thought "sacred" camps and took planned assaults, while the
Optimists usually participate in public activities.

Now, you (the players) join the story as passive participants
following the other characters' interaction.[/spoiler]

CHAPTER 1: Encounters (Click to View)
CHAPTER 2: Mock and Trial (Click to View)
CHAPTER 3: Coliseum vs Reality (Click to View)
CHAPTER 4: The Wind Crystal (Click to View)
CHAPTER 5: The Water Crystal (Click to View)
CHAPTER 6: The Fire Crystal (Click to View)
CHAPTER 7: The Crystal Intruders (Click to View)
CHAPTER 8: Pursuits (Click to View)
CHAPTER 9: Light and Darkness (Click to View)
CHAPTER 10: The New Dimension (Click to View)
CHAPTER 11: The Another World (Click to View)
CHAPTER 12: The Forbidden Tower (Click to View)
CHAPTER 13: The Void beyond the Hell (Click to View)


Although it basically describes what happens and what to include in the stages.
One chapter means 6 stages.

As its title, and if you've played you'll know, the plot is adopting some themes from the Final Fantasy series.

List of Stages (Click to View)
Thanks given by: Alapottra
.Oo0.... Thats a long list of stage and story.., o_0
Quit Playing LF2 But Still Love LF-EMPIRE....          
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