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LFE-Tournament (June, 2014)
(10-19-2014, 11:24 AM)Blue Phoenix Wrote:  
(10-17-2014, 12:57 PM)LeoGautama Wrote:  
(09-22-2014, 04:57 PM)mfc Wrote:  octoplus(aka mozhoku) will be able to play soonest on 4 & 5th of October since he'll be in dormitory for this and next week.

I'd like to know if I can contact him other than through PM here. Does he regularly come to the chat, as well?

Well, as it turns out, moz's internet is in a state where it's not possible for him to fight, unfortunately. Hence, I had disqualify him.

Sorry for the long delay! You're now facing Azriel. Hope this match will be fought a little sooner :p

It is sooner I think.

LeoGautama vs Azriel
aka Verdusk

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Yeah, the combo in game 1 decreased your hp from 304 down to 37. Makes a delta of 267 (for those interested, the odd number is due to hp-regen) :p

Fortunately (for Az), this was not a deciding factor in the overall outcome, but I still counted that game as lost for him. Hence, the 3-2 score. By the way, @LeoGautama you linked the first game 3x while skipping games 2 & 3. Nothing to worry about, though, I got them already from lf2replays ;)
Also, they're attached to your pairing in post #1.

Really good games, though; would've been fun to stream them. Too bad that my sleep-times kind of interfered, haha :D

Aaaaaaaand, it boils down to a pairing we have already seen. The finals are going to be the same as the semi-finals! :D

It's going to be: Dr.Death vs Azriel!
Will Dr.Death, the one that marched through this tournament without a single loss claim the top for him or will Azriel avenge his previous loss and stomp him into the ground? We will see!
(And by that, I'd love if we could arrange a time where I can stream your game :p)

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ALRIGHT, GUYS, THE FINAL MATCH IS OVER! With a 4-1 victory, Dr.Death triumphs over Azriel!
Once again, thank you two for allowing me to participate as a streamer and, of course, thank you everybody that participated :)

For those that missed the stream, GO CHECK IT OUT ON YOUTUBE:
(please bear with the slow pace this one is taking, but then again, you can skip ahead on yt :p)

The final standing is as follows:
  1. Dr.Death
  2. Azriel
  3. LeoGautama

Congratulations to you guys! If you are curious to see the full standings, check this out! :D

Anybody willing to compile the statistics for this tournament? :p

Also, as with any tournament, any ideas for improvements? BRING EM ON!

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hay it looks cool what is this about. I mean is this a online game contast. I wanna add too.
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Well, you're six months late to entry. Had you read the post you'd know that the tournament just ended.
Tournaments aren't exactly held often honestly.
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ok so when In the next Tournament I wanna Add too.My little brother beats me up when I challange him.Its really tuf.No one Can Defeat him Im sure.I need many informations about this lf2 online contest.I have never played this game on online.
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