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World Cup 2014
Let's give this forum something real-life related.

Today is Brazil - Croatia!!!!.. World cup opening. it's predicted that 2 milliards people will watch it!
i really hope we(Croatia) can draw this one. it would be huge success but i am aware we are going to have hard time in defence and in their final third(without Mandžo). I believe we can dominate in middlefield with Modrić-Rakitić-Kovačić trio. Brazil seems to much for us at the moment. I predict 1-0 win by Brazil or maybe 2-1.

My favorite nation to winning this competition was Germany before Reus injury but now i am not confident anymore. Definitely the biggest candidates for winning are also Brazil, Spain and Argentina. Nations from shadow could be Uruguay(again) lead by Suarez, Colombia indeed. I would say Chile but Spain and Netherlands are too big challenges in the group phase.
For individual awards my favorite is Messi as a Golden boot and Neuer as a Golden glove.

What's your opinion? Who might win? For whom you cheer? etc.. :) if you have any breaking new from your country or from anywhere i am eager to here it. :)

I hope i am not only one who follow World cup at this forum.

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I say armed police force wins over the people of Brazil. That's my bet.

I detest this event for how it is being organized.
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i am a brazil fan and this time i am hoping that they will win WC, even their team dont have "big" players like in 2002 for example. if you remember ronaldo rivaldo ronaldinho roberto carlos.

Im happy for their first win 3-1 against croatia :D i enjoyed the third goal by oscar, it was very intelligent move by him.
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Well they have Neymar. Neymar had an awesome game. He scored crucial from 20 meters! Very beautiful goal, i must admit, but penalty Nishimura(referee). Fred was provoking there. It was at least yellow card for him.
All in overall i am not impressed with Brazilian game. Referee helped them too much.
I am satisfied with Croatian performance and i truly believe we can go through group in next 2 matches.
Yeah, very tricky and adroit shot by Oscar. Pletikosa had no chance.

Today play Mexico - Cameroon and Spain - Netherlands.
It would be best if Mexico and Cameroon play 0-0.

Spain -Netherlands : There is no much things to say about this match expect its gonna be brilliant one. Netherlands is eager to revenge after final in World Cup 2010. Who won this match is probably going to be first in the group and then in second phase going to cross with group A (Croatia, Mexico, Cameroon).
I am not sure are they on the equal level as Spain but there won't be lack of fights, that's for sure.

I truly hope that in the below of competition we won't hear for referee anymore.
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i am hoping belgium(though its not my fav. team)and argentina as their groups are not as well as them...
but anyways fifa is baaacckkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!:D:D:D:D:D
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Spain needs a new goal-keeper. Sweet Jesus, they need a new team altogether. Total letdown.
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spain losing like hell with 1-5, the 1 being a i guess its gg for quite a lot of guys who bet on spain
back from the dead.....kinda
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(06-12-2014, 03:57 PM)YinYin Wrote:  I say armed police force wins over the people of Brazil. That's my bet.

I detest this event for how it is being organized.

Do you mean this stuff with Brasil "cleaning" their streets or do you mean the Setup(like camera decision is overrated with critical decisions concerning goals, or hard fouls. Better not let the referee listen for 5sec's what the right decision would be)

Even though i am not a fan of both these things i kinda like to watch it since it's cool to watch a match where you can cheer for a team with many people who cheer with you + the atmosphere of the stadium like the ooooooooooooooh if sth just missed~

(06-13-2014, 09:01 PM)Nyamaiku Wrote:  spain losing like hell with 1-5, the 1 being a i guess its gg for quite a lot of guys who bet on spain

We have a bet group, everybody expect me trusted in Spain. Even though i just called as result what happened for break i am pretty happy that Netherlads won. Why has nobody faith in the netherlands :(
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(06-14-2014, 12:12 AM)Dr.Death Wrote:  Why has nobody faith in the netherlands
its not that nobody has faith in them, its just that everybody expect a lot more from the last champion.
back from the dead.....kinda
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Greece lost from Colombia it ended 3-0... ohhh. Im Greek

P.S. I still remember the 2004.... European people may still remember...
2004 was also the year when the Olympics took place in Greece... maybe the situation wasnt like the Brasil now... but the unjustifiable expenses caused a small percentance of the Greek's bankruptcy... everywhere there's corruption and bad politics...but maybe i shouldnt talk about thez things aat a game's forum...nah
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