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Traveling back in time
GODDAMMIT! I wrote a very long explanation to have my connection fail (hence when I clicked post it failed)

So here's a short version:
Comp players leave copies of themselves every 10 seconds frozen up high with a state 9997 so they have no shadow.
At a key combo all comp players get deleted and the onse who are frozen get teleported down and switched with more comp players.
Impossible for human players.
(inferior humans)

What do you guys think?
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Pretty nice idea. Since this sounds like it actually it can work, it would be cool if you can manage to make a short video of it.

And if we already are talking about time-related stuff:
Check this out by clicking on the sentence.
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heheh, interesting idea, but to actual DC it.... sounds like a nightmare. :P
It'd be really difficult to have characters constantly leave copies of themselves up in the air though. repeatedly using opoints... might not work, and itr/kind: 8 would still be pretty messy, plus it would be difficult to simulate position on the y-axis with it (like if a character was jumping). Also, the velocity that a character was traveling at seems like it would be impossible to recreate perfectly, especially if they were getting knocked into the air at some crazy direction or if they were sent flying really fast by a powerful attack.

so, interesting, but... I'm not sure how practical it would be in terms of actually dcing it.

EDIT: aaah, if you're only talking about traveling back to a certain position and not worrying about the state the character was in at the time, then yeah, that sounds a lot more realistic :P Go for it man!
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(08-21-2008, 05:12 PM)Sinow Rappy Wrote:  heheh, interesting idea, but to actual DC it.... sounds like a nightmare. :P

lol, you're definitely right :P
I can imagine doing the opoints in something like the jumping-frames (which get pretty messy themselves), but something like the catching/caught-frames are a serious pain in the rear...

Not quite sure if this will really work, since there is nothing like a recording such that you can just replay reversely what you (and everybody else) just did. Not to mention the 380-objects-limit on screen. And... what about the ball attacks? should they fly backwards?

If you're doing something like a movie in LF2 where no interaction is required, you could probably succeed but at something like reversing the complete "customizable" (you know, controllable characters) game-play, you'll probably fail. Not that nobody would have the knowledge, it's just a long way and it's not even guaranteed that the method will work the way you want it.

Nothing for me, that's for sure, I don't want to program a
Quote:nightmare :P
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Pheonix I did say I don't think controllable characters are possible.
I think I won't mess with the caught frames, because usually a controllable player catches a computer, and I can't make sure that happens. (Changing the past causes a paradox ;))
I think silva could help me out on this (changing the 380 limit)
And Laul, did you use the method I described there?
Or a totally different one?
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Am I the only one that talks a bit positive about that? I mean it actually COULD work (even though it's a hell of a work)

@Deus Ex: I used a combination of itr/kind: 8 and itr/kind: 3
The itr/kind: 8 marks the place where the character was, and after a short time itr/kind: 3 catches the character back to the old position.
But it just works with one enemy.
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Interesting, that means you can also add a neat effect to it, like a purple mist surrounding the enemy.

Also, I don't think all the attacks/stuff and all that would be really necessary, because, I mean, c'mon, when you play LF2, do you remember what happened 10 seconds ago?
(Though if you use it a strategic move, then that could obviously cause problems)

This would also work in case of opponents spawning, meaning if 10 seconds haven't passed yet the opponents disappear without a trace... Never to be seen again.
Maybe silva could help out? Or maybe it's possible to fix up some detectors...
What I mean: I/k8 that would detect wether there really are any copies of char X, implemented within char X, that would detect wether there are copies of char X, implemented to every frame.
In the event that no copies are detected (different chars will be stored at a different :y range, therefore no detection of other copies), a copy is created at the very edge of the screen, where it will 'respawn' in 5 seconds.

Also, I think it would be much simpler to make it the other way round, to make the ORIGINALS go to a frame which they freeze very high up with state 9997, and the copies will continue fighting.
Then we just delete everything that isn't very high up and the originals come back down!
That way we could even do so for human players, there will be no change of HP, though with the consequence of letting the CPU fight for you for a while. One realism problem though, the MP and HP keep regenerating ^_^
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