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[Char] Female Template
Female Template

[Image: N1nN27i.png][Image: mlUYN9d.gif]

Data by YinYin
Sprites by Apocalipsis


I decided to sprite this template to facilitate the process of making a female char. I hope someone might find this useful.
Thanks given by: BizarreHare , Bamboori , Arcane , betitngoan , Kim_Bo
Sleek! I like looking at her and she has a better jump attack than default, even kept the arest 15 for super haha.

[Image: kNTqMyJ.png]
Only minor complaint I have is the jump weapon attack data-wise, looks weird to have that left frame dragged out for 3 TU. I kinda miss the eyes that default template has when injured, but otherwise this is certainly a great female template!
[Image: uMSShyX.png]
Steiner v3.00 (outdated), Challenge Stage v1.51
Luigi's Easier Data-Editor, A-Man's Sprite Mirrorer
Working on the LF2 Rebalance mod.
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Looks like you are kinda back for a while. Obviously not all in, but still some engagement.
That's kinda simple and catchy. Not much to comment here. Good job there.

On the other hand:
Not being rude, but this is the lamest thing ever.
The uber spriter after all this time comes up with a chara, which has no actual sprites, but lineart.
I am just sooo shocked and disappointed. Especially, when YinYin already comes up with the epic template-like chara.
I know you're no longer much involved, but still - this is all you can give us? :D

[Image: NsiNMB9.png]

Help me and test my new game basis!

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I guess that's not ment to be a char he wants to publish but more like a help to other spriters who are struggling with female chars, and I truely appreciate that.
Thx a lot apoc & yinyin :)
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It's good to make a slender male character, too
Just needs a bit chest editing there
[Image: 9iIBpSl.gif]
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That's a nice idea.
She's not like the male template in all her moves..I think she's better than the old one.
Maybe the sprites could help me later.. when I will want to make a new female character..
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Oh wow, I wish I saw this thread sooner! I think this is a great resource for modders, and I plan on using this as a reference. Thanks for the contribution!
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