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Lethal League

Go try the challenge mode. See how fast you can get.

[Image: lYDuYVm.png]
Thanks given by: king_freeza , Hero destroyer
Alright you can all go home for you cannot surpass the limit.
[Image: Bts_LJDCAAA7GrZ.jpg:large]

However you can look forward to a full fledged version of this game soon:

Thanks given by: Nyamaiku
So you're now the best player in the world or something?
I'm happy with my 576 points, after like 20 minutes of playing.

I love the whole style of game and the fact there will be multiplayer. If I'm only keep having fun and improve skills, guess I might spend this 14$

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Nah - I'm not the first to reach the limit.
Also you can still try to beat the AI - and then try to beat it with a perfect score.
Don't think I can do that.

Latest trailer with release date:

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So you can get 16 points at the first hit. Actually, it's so easy. Why at the beginning I was trying like 10 times and keep hitting myself. Still no more than 512 though.

(08-19-2014, 06:14 PM)YinYin Wrote:  Also you can still try to beat the AI - and then try to beat it with a perfect score.
Haha, good one.
4-11 so far

I've seen the new trailer already, no weak shiet indeed.

Do you know if developers gonna add more content to the game after release, like new characters?

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There is at least one character and a few extra modes that will come in free updates - and if it sells well hopefully even more than that.
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^Oh yiss.
And hooray (Click to View)

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Came out on steam yesterday!
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And I haven't slept for that first night!
Add me if you got it
I'll get some sleep now though ...
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sniff, sniff
Everyone's having fun with full Lethal League and I'm just sitting on proptoype as my lappy is broken.
Oh well, at least I started to kick AI's butt.

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