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[Chars]Hero Fighter Premium Characters in LF2
I making Hero Fighter premium characters in lf2. I'm making only data. I add my own skills to chars, not only skills from HF. I don't make Eason because Eason is a Davis.
Iczzy: 85%
Heater: 15%
Raye 67%
Leo/Eason Swordsman: 0%
Livermore: 0%
You can view Iczzy skills here.
Raye is hard to make but i maked it :D I make secret moves but it easy to make.
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First of all. I really approve your effort and first tries, but this is not a good way to start, imo.

Also you won't get many comments.

Admit it: this is not iczzy... It's just edited freeze.
I don't want to kill your imagination, but we all see that these are your very first steps at data changing. Don't overrush them. Try to invent more things by yourself. Copying HF characters (with not appearing result) is not the best way to start.
I'd suggest you abandoning this project and starting your very own creations.
Not to mention, that these moves are clearly unbalanced (OP AS HELL).

[Image: NsiNMB9.png]

Help me and test my new game basis!

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Hero Fighter is a good game, don't get me wrong. My friend Nirvana and I broke down the game's mechanics entirely down to how damage scaling works. Between us, we pretty much know everything about the game. I was initially skeptic of this because of the game's imbalances. However, you proved my disappointment in a way typical within this community.

What you're doing is not even close to Hero Fighter mechanically. You can call it HF, but really you're just buffing. You can't say you made your own touches when they really break the character's design. I had to figure that out myself.
You made his MP-less balls, but Iczzy only throws two and they actually don't go full-screen. You really love projectiles, don't you? I don't blame you. Icicles summon a small chain of five that don't change in size. I'm not trying to be harsh here, but this is laughable. Ice Dragon Punch... How creative... Do I sense a Lucas lover? The Uppercut/Dragon Punch is an awesome move. Not everybody needs it though. That move is dangerously cliche.

Also, how can you combine Leo and Swordsman Eason? They play completely different even if there are only two moves that set them apart. Are you going to combine them both? That would be very OP. I can see you looping Deep's Airblades the way you're going.

Consider this practice to figure out how to do work DC. I do not see a project like this going well with what you're doing.
Gad is giving you real good advice here; I'm just a guy that quite accurately knows Hero Fighter's mechanics and characters off the top of my head.

Edit: You had to do the Ice Clones... Just why so many at once???
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i saw the video man!! these moves are unbalance like gad said.
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These moves are not OP, but they are for LF2, cause these are different games, well, LF2 was made by Marti and Starsky, and Hero fighter I Think Marti made it, haven't played it for days, anyway, cause of LF2 having different mechanics and HF having different, the moves are gonna be OP for LF2.
Freeze is a Good version of Iczzy.
Firen is a good version of Heater.
Raye, Idk about him. (Offtopic: Saying/Writing/Typing Raye reminds me of Rayezen, they are both Electric chars!!!!)

Edit: I spelled Marti wrong
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