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ok then i know what comes and wants to kill me. also i would like to get that
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I have a little bit scenery for the last stage, I can help with it, what about like julian gets knocked out and then he trys to fight again, only to get absorbed by YinYin, as well as his troops(Justins), get killed by YinYin, with the power of Julian he will fight the Heroes, as well as making columns on dropping to the floor, and randomly shooting Soul bombs and Skull Blast things.
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You're just dying if you're living and thinking about a betrayal, revive yourself.
Think about that one person that has trusted you forever, not the thousand people that have betrayed you.
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[rudolf vs yinyin stage 4 difficult]
it's rudolf, i named the replay wrong when i uploaded it =/

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(12-31-2009, 08:43 AM)Blue Phoenix Wrote:  over 99% will not be able to do this before their 20th birthday.
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<div style="border-top:2px solid #FFFFFF;border-bottom: 2px solid #FFFFFF;background-color:#000000;text-align: center;">
Hero Quest [Check In] 14th June 2014
Legend tells of a deadly group of fighters who would come in 3 terrifying waves
The first wave is here.</td></tr></table></td></tr></table>
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.y2f replay file (Davis)
Add me to survivor of the elemental chaos pl0x. That's actually my 3rd win with Davis.
This would contain my 1st win with Davis, but unfortunately I messed up the "recording" folder.

And fix him refusing to die when his hp is 0! Look at the 2nd video and you'll see him continue to move around with 0hp and even tank a dash attack before I shot him down with an energy ball.

Regarding stage 4, I think there's an even easier way to make everyone have automatic healing.
Simply carry an itr kind 8 as a weapon.
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