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How do I add characters?
Can someone help me plzzz.... i'm new here and i don't know how do add my new character in so can someone please help me???
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Shino saga if you want to ask any question or sumit any project you have to make a thread. For sumiting your project you have to make a thread in project scetion and if you want to ask question about lf2 thread on lf2 disscustion (sorry for the bad english)
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Hi Shino,

To add a character that you download from [lfe fileplanet], such as [maveric], normally there are instructions in the downloaded file (normally readme.txt).

If you want to add your own character onto LFE, then you would need to create a thread in the [projects section]. When the character is complete, you can ask to move it to releases (where we put completed projects). Once in a while, we put completed projects onto LFE, which we pick from the releases section if we think it's good enough.

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