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[Weapon]Spider Sword
[Image: Q2Sl3cX.png]
Just a simple sword I made.
Thanks given by: NewToTheEra , Draya Vartaila
I do have a question. Why is it called a spider sword? (Normally I'd assume there'd be eight legs on the guard or at some point of the sword, however at most I can only see four).

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When I saw topic I thought about awesome sword spawning spiders.
So big disappointment.

[Image: NsiNMB9.png]

Help me and test my new game basis!

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Well, it was like a first try sprite. I will be making two new swords with better data ;)

Wait till then :)

Oh btw @ eddie
never thought about that :p
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the only complaint i have here is the way you made the characters hold the sword, here what i mean:

[Image: XC0Qa5g.png]

the one on the left is yours.
the one on the right is my edit.

you should cut the sword handle a few pixels right in the middle, take a look at yinyin's light sabers and you will definitely understand what i mean by all this.

or if you want another way, you can make the weapon appear behind the character sprite via DC

the sword sprite looks great no doubt, but i just think the name doesn't fit, a spider sword would have a darker color scheme i guess? some spider characteristics as Mr. Eddie assumed maybe? \t first look at the sword i thought it looked like one of those hero\justice swords a high ranked warrior would use.

also, do you plan on adding a special feature to the sword?
[Image: B5PGcCR.png]
[Image: knTTal3.gif]

Thanks given by: InPhiKnight
I never knew it we can make it this way <img src=""> Will update this :D
Thanks ;)

And I do not plan on making any special feature cause as I said this was a practice for me before making my actually planned swords.
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You can also imitate the effect that's used on the knife with its semi-transparency in the hand-area. I have to agree to Gad, though, expectations not fully met :p

You seem to know how to decide upon attention-grabbing names. Now, if you manage to make a close relation between the name and the content, it'll be absolutely awesome :D
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Thanks given by: InPhiKnight
Cool sword

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some one plz help me i want to make new wed site but i don't know how to make :(

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[Image: Zepo.png]
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