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Looking for a special char/mod

when i played lf2 i had alot of mods downloaded from many sites like lf2 global and here and many other
you are professionals i know that you know many of them mods

im looking for a mod, whithin was a character, looking like Woody with gokus clothes
but in selection you only saw some japanese sights and letters or what ever its called :D

That woody goku could of course transform into all saiyins, AND its last transformation is the fanmade Fifth grey/silver saiyin

I can remember when i searched it years ago again i found The same char but its super last attack big genki dama had two different versions
i never could found the origin, where he just pushes the genkidama to the enemies without escape
it was ultimate and awesome

it would be great if you find that char/ mod for me again

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little fighter turbo has goku too, but as i remember you cant transform. well also i think there are some DB mods/versions.
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Here i found something USEFULL

the SSform is exactly the same, also the Genkidama what i wanted

BUT as i said, its name was not WOODY, and the THUMB picture is not that woodys face, it was japanese sights only

that char was really professional coded, not bad as you see it in that video, it was much better

and yes i had downloaded lf turbo and many other unknown mods, in someof them was it
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You realise you're on a predominantly English forum, and so to find what you're looking for, we need to type it in english, because it's in japanese characters and symbols, we will not be able to find it. So I suggest if you're on a quest to find it, use an english to japanese translater, copy and paste the name of what you're after, and then you should probably be able to find it, rather than expecting some miracle that we can read/understand/write japanese.

Do you understand what I mean? The best we could possibly offer you with that information is google 'japanese lf2 goku' and hope that it was there. In future, when you download a mod of something, write it somewhere online where you can go back to find it. This way it shouldn't be too hard for you to remember if you ever need to get something when your computer has been reformatted/bought a new one.

Hope this helps you a little,


Here is a link with a transforming 'Son Goku' and also has LF4 Turbo (in the youtube link)
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well it is an edited woody

if i would have the sights i already may found something but as i said it was years ago

it is exactly the same looking as lf4 turbo as i said
but it was complete from no saiyin to ssj1-5 transformation character
it was really a special char

it could be on the forums found that doesnt exist anymore
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any one ?

i mean its just a woody looking char with 6 stats sayin andall 5 ssj transformations

not just ssj5 woody which is just the spin off of one part
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I've never seen what you describe.
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well i will try on ztage (linking here)

it is rare and many of the old compilation of mods sites are offline
also compare your memories with that ssj5 woody i linked to youtube
its basically he
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(01-26-2014, 01:28 PM)kingisy Wrote:  also compare your memories with that ssj5 woody i linked to youtube
That's the first time I see him. Unless this is your channel I'd say contacting the one who uploaded that video is your best bet.
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