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Mono sprites
well, this sucka will only be posting HQ stuff, stuff which is only hq or close to hq
All critics will be accepted.
[Image: eAyH2YZ.png]
Thanks given by: dan007/^"""" , luminance , Memento , Hate , TaskX
she have like a male shoulders, make them thinner
except that all good ^_^
[Image: p45mycA.png]
Thanks given by: Mono
Thanks, well yeah, I kind a made them more manly,
I know that she is like a major (something with justice and stuff) and also this one of her outfits, cant find reff now.
I will try to avoid it next time.
[Image: eAyH2YZ.png]
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Actually I disagree with DesignHeaven, that is how she should be.
very well done mate.
Eyes could you more a feminime work :D
[Image: 2aGKf.png]

My Sprites

Signature Made By DesignHeaven
Thanks given by: Mono
Right about eyes.
I wanned to make more serious with less rounded eyes and bit more visible eyebrows.
Thank you.
[Image: eAyH2YZ.png]
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wanna male sprites..

@V, i need them!!!
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(08-25-2013, 11:38 AM)Marko Wrote:  wanna male sprites..

sure, will be done.
question, why?
[Image: eAyH2YZ.png]
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and yeah, i think you can do better HQ..
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Here, this frame shows how this guy created this sword by using his magic powers.
[Image: BIgpDtO.png]

hq enough?
changed name of thread
[Image: eAyH2YZ.png]
Thanks given by: Marko , dan007/^""""
I love HAIR and his face.. looks totaly HQ..
i miss that little bit on the pants and white shirt..
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