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trying to hack my program
Hi everyone,

I wrote a very simple program with 2010 and I'm trying to hack it with ollydbg.

The program has a form with button and text box. when you click on the button the counter in the text box add 1. You can click until the counter reach to five.
when it reach to five you get a messagebox that tell you that you cant.
I want to hack this program so that the The software will allow me to continue to press unlimited number of clicks.

the program is here:

How I do it with ollydbg or something else?

Thanks in advance
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Eh? Just use Cheat Engine. You don't know what Cheat Engine is? Google it.
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There are two types of programming languages: compiled and interpreted.

If you hack program created with compiled language(c++,object pascal) you need use disassembling and debugging(OllyDbg,IDA etc.).
If you hack program created with interpreted language(python, java, net framework(c#,visual basic) you need use decompilers.

I can't explain more detail because english is not my native language and I don't have time for this.
You need "googling" this Theme. Use keywords in Google such as "reverse engineering", "crack".

There are good articles about Olly writed by Ricardo Narvaja.
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