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Background: Ancient fall [Released!]
This Background is situated in an ancient ruin. The animated waterfall gives light to the beauty of the place. It's a great background to play in.

[Image: nl1bZUz.png]
[Image: cohcr4H.png]
Remember to give credits. ;)
It's hard to believe this BG was sprited by you. :P
Anyway, Nice BG, I love it!
This place motivates me to become an artist, this place motivates me to learn coding, this place made me grow up, showed me the ways to interact with people. Unlike the old childish of me myself, I've learned a lot and gotten some experiences. For me, it's not just a fan forum, it's a helpful community. From a noob to someone who would think before he speaks, looking back at my old post made me laugh hard, I'm grateful of the differences between these 2 years.
~Thank You All and Farewell
~Goodbye, LFE.
RIP - 14/04/2014
Thanks given by: NewToTheEra
sooo awesome! using it for my mod right away (with credits ofc) <3 you man!
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Elegance at its best. Damn.
Downloading right nao.
[Image: icyboards-ad-468x60.gif]
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Judging the screenshot, this reminds me of a Marshall background.
But, there's too much sky. Move everything up, and add a black border on the bottom (and top), like every other LF2 background.
Thanks given by: Dragon5
Quote:Judging the screenshot, this reminds me of a Marshall background.
That's because they are using the same ripped sprites and should really give credit to the actual artists.

Also agree that you should add the black border and also add shadow for the chars.
[Image: 165.gif]
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