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First AI to beat stage 1
(12-23-2013, 07:11 PM)YinYin Wrote:  Sure you can use it. I don't have the stage trimmed version on me right now, but it is very similar to the crusher here:
thanks for the link and the code! I'll let everyone know when it is done.
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waste all mp to shoot energy ball= =
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Louis took the most tries, but eventually I managed to beat him well. very fun.
also really hard to beat him with Deep: it is an intresting battle
a close match against him with Firen
Took me 5 tries to barely beat him with Woody.
same with Dennis
I suggest he will jump less against Rudolf.
also should use D^A to avoid arrows
should be able to not get into John's shields too easily
mirror battle was pretty easy.
did beat him easily with my main charachter, Freeze.
You did a wonderful job, it is hard to think how to manage to improve him... simply adorable. fun and useful for self-training. Hope you release a 1.1 sometime :).
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