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Old Palace[Released!]
[Image: 114133old_palace_JPG.jpg]
This BG was originally made by FurFur_ in his little fighter for android. I liked it so much that I edited it and made it for the original Little Fighter 2 !


Width: 1344 pixels
Z-area: medium
Area for fighting: 1344x80
Parallax scrolling: Yes
Animation effects: No
Layer: 2

Thanks given by: Mono , Rhino.Freak
Hah, everything in the foreground looks oddly familiar.
Anybody still remembers?

Edit: Hari got it right! Check it:
Thanks given by: Dr. Time , Electric2Shock , BizarreHare
@^: Its Lion forest :S
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^Edited background from LFMystic, to be more specific.

Thanks given by: Electric2Shock , Lauli , MnM
I can't really wrap my head around the fact that the castle is ridiculously stretched.
Original: Predator's Gold by Christophe Vacher (Click to View)

If you are not comfortable with creating your own elements of the background, try to combine things that have a similar style. If the details match, everything is fine. However, in this one, the very far background has heaps more details than the ground, for example. Actually, it should be the other way round.

Check out Marshall's creations; as to my understanding, he combines backgrounds with existing imagery as well ;)
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Thanks given by: ossiee , betitngoan , Marko , BizarreHare

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