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[EXE skin] LF2 Old-school
[Exe-Skin] LF2 Old school

Hah, i can only guess that i'm the only one who still likes look of v1.9c, right?
So, this exe changing LF2 v2.0a into "somethinglike" 1.9c. Except changing bitmaps, there are some other little changes:
  • Disabled music
  • Disabled "news update" function
  • Fixed icon at the upper left corner of game window (credits to JS Consul from Chinese LF2 Community)

Here are some screenshots:

Thanks given by: LeoGautama
nice skin but try to change colour also
goku the legandary super saiyan

Thanks given by:

But black menu background and blue lee on road were that way due to using 32bit for a 16bit programm ... :I
I always thought it looked wrong ...
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And you were right, but it's exe that copying look of 1.9 version, with every aspect of it, so also with wrong colours.
Anyway, special for you: Update version :P
Now you can choose do you want look of 1.9, or 1.9c

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