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buy character
i would like to play as bat in lfo.but i realised that we should by characters.can any1 say how to buy them.i dont know chinese.
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Pay money. And use google translate to translate the page or use google chrome's translator.
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Hi i can provide you with an Account with the char bat / missions /stages all free.
Just contact me per E-Mail. because i dont visit this forum often...^^

Languages: German/English

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Do we have to buy characers in LFO?Shock
Never played LFO.:p
And translate it with google translater as Electric said.
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all questions related to LFO you can ask me ^^ i am still playing LFO sometimes and got enough accounts to share.
So some LF fans can test LFO ^^

you can contact me by:
Skype: harryistdoof
or E-Mail:
Thanks given by: vaishnav

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