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Retro Lee On Road
Hoooray for never ending fun with this background. 4th released! YinYin, accept it, or i'll get banned for spamming : D
[Image: nbomxy.png]

I don't know do you like it, but I've changed it into perfect copy of orignal LOR (stole width: of lamps from H2H :P). Now it's part of the same big road as LOR and H2H, yay : D

Thanks given by: LutiChris , lf2TimmE1 , ossiee
The hills and parallax scrolling are beautiful now.

If you get banned it won't take longer than it'll take you to finish those two characters. Nice eye patch.
So, things that have been there from the beginning but only now caught my attention due to everything else looking so great:
Contrast between the shadow of the railing, side walk and street looks very unnatural. It may originate from the source but it could still be adjusted.
(first two have a too high traditional contrast - and last two have a too high colour contrast)
Also the most distant hills seem too bright overall. They can be bright on the edge/insides towards the moon due to ambient light but not on the side that should be shadowed.
(now that I look closer I see you do have a gradient on them just like the others that addresses this, but it could use more contrast)
Thanks given by: The Hari
Something like this? Or should i use some "normal" color for street.

Thanks given by: LutiChris , Dr. Time
Nope, that's it. I thought of turning everything blue instead of grey though to stay closer to the original overall colour.
But maybe this actually works better to set it apart from the sky.
Thanks given by:
So, that's the end.

Thanks given by: YinYin , Dragon5 , The Lost Global Mod
I tried this one

I liked it in screenshot, but i liked even more when i started to play.

nice one man, continue that way ;)
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