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need sprite tutorial
Well I am basically a total newbie and i am trying to sprite.
But all the the tutorials are quite hard for me.
I think its just because i am only 12.
My imagination goes wild but i cant sprite nor can i do a simple reclor even though want to do something great.
I need an few tutorials that would help.
I recommend video tutorials or pictorial tutorial with examples.
P.S.You can any sort of tutorial even for any different type of programs
Thx for all ur tries
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I only know how to recolour sprites with adobe photoshop and shading chars hair.
And all the spriting tuts are difficult, if you will practise you will surely succeed.
btw, I am only 11.
Life is like a bicycle; to keep your balance, you must keep moving.
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Hello, and welcome to the forums! Assuming you already know how to use the forums, search for members who stream. Most noticably I can remember DesignHeaven stream.
It might help you improve, because you'd learn from a visual source :)

I apologize that I don't have time to post links, but if you won't find anything, I'll give you them later ;)
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First of all best of luck spriting. Actually Imaginations are different for different people. You can't really put down all you imaginations into ur artwork at the start. Because it comes with experience. The artist who is able to put forth his imagination CORRECTLY shines. But that takes years to accomplish that level. See for apocalipsis. He puts his imagination into the sprite.After practicing a lot. Take myself for example, I have come to this level of drawing only after two years. And my progress is slow (Since i do this when I am free and casually sometimes). Progress differs for every people. And see betitngoan for that example.

I would quote few persons in and out of our forums for a clear Idea. I personally like andreasrocha from DA ( , sakimichan(, Luti, Apoc, seig, YinYin, freeza from our forums. I hope you get my point and don't ask further doubts and practice regularly , patiently and confidently.
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