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Help I am New
Hello, I am new to the LF2 Empire Forum (Plz don't judge me by ageTwisted [12 years])
I am really into programming and GameDev. And the main reason I had the interest towards these feilds is LF2. I would really like to sart on a project in little fighters using HEX, Data Changing, graphic editors and LF2 .exe editor.
[Plz don't use highly advanced terms]
I have several questions on my first project.
  • How to add extra bars (EP: Evelution Points, SP: Stamina Points and SB: Summon Bar)place it in certain places(Status Area, Beside Char Image and Near Char) and create usage amounts
  • To use a mix of buttons twice or thrice(3xD+J+A) to make a different move possible
  • To create scenes if possible
  • How to create extra modes, stages and sub-stages(Story Mode >Saga>Stage(Level)
If u can give me any kind of resources that would help me to create my please give some.
Thanks for any help possible
Thanks given by: Mono
Oh, this is so sweet. A newcomer welcoming a newcomer!. Just kidding. Y'all one of us already. Well Inichua, there are some points you have to understand about this hex thingys. LF2 was not actually coded with this hex. It was coded with a high-level language (c++ to be specific) . When that code was compiled (changed to the exe form). The computer changed that whole friendly readable c++ code to the a damn complicated non-user friendly low-level language called ASM(assembly). A note: high-level language ,despite its name, is actually much easier than the low-level ones.
Now the code which looked like: "print('this life sucks')"
transformed to something like: "
org 100h
mov dx,msg
mov ah,9
int 21h
mov ah,4Ch
int 21h
msg db 'this life sucks!',0Dh,0Ah,'$'
So this shows how that high level one line code changed to that damn non-friendly long code. Imagine what would coding a whole mode or a whole new feature for LF2 in assembly would look like. Making a new game with the features u want would be much easier than "playing" with that....
And welcome to LFE :)
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Thx, A Man And Davis60
Is it possible to edit the game using c++ cuz i know the basics(Except inheritence which is important)
And I kindly request you ppl to, plz answer to my questions that would be helpful
Thanks You
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