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chasing cpoint
I hv a chasing itr with catch. Is there a way to prevent it to catch ppl who are jumping? Actually, I kind of hv a solution, but I don't really like it:
add obscure bdys to all the frames other than the jumping ones and set the itr there, but that's really troublesome. Is there another way around it?

put a low cpoint, just above ground - use a chase that doesn move on y
and then make sure it stays at the height it has when it caught someone

thats what i would try :d

well, it stays at the same height when it catches ppl, even in mid-air, but I would only like that to occur when the opponent is on the ground. so will dvy:550 work on hit_Fas?

and I think the itr is low enough already:

342 flying
pic: 999 state: 15 wait: 1 next: 343 dvx: 0 dvy: 0 centerx: 23 centery: 26 hit_a: 80 hit_d: 355 hit_j: 0 hit_Fa: 12
kind: 3 x: 0 y: 25 w: 46 h: 1
catchingact: 365 365 caughtact: 155 155

EDIT: 550 does not work for hit_Fas as I suspected...

there are different hit_Fas - some only use z and x - but if you are using one that also uses y then you could still "correct" it like sinow did with his pet i think

still you should have a look at the list and combine the ones that dont use y movement

The ones that doesn't involve y-movement are: 3, 10 and 14

I've tried 3 and 10 already and they don't seem to work...

then try 14 :p

i mean what will be "working" for you in the end? did you also make sure that you spawn it very low? >.<

>>did you also make sure that you spawn it very low? >.<
That reminded me >_<
Gd point...

EDIT: it works now =.=" what a silly mistake
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