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Blue Phoenix's sprites
Necrobumping a 1 year, 4 months, and 12 days old thread. Yay! cool

So, with the last Contest being over, I can finally show those sprites at their original size and maybe write a bit about them :D

Round 1: Battles
[Image: dHCPzRG.png]
Initially, I was considering to depict a physical fight between two characters but scrapped it for unoriginality. Instead, I settled with the "inner battle", more precisely the fight with the inner demons. Yeah, that's about it.

Round 2: Mythology
[Image: HbPcLaK.gif]
I honestly never attempted to create an animation and figured it would be a nice change. The theme itself gave me quite a headache because I totally wanted to sprite Charybdis, Leviathan, or Yggdrasil. All of them are fairly difficult to sprite in a somewhat proper LF2-world, so in the end, I settled with the Hydra. Of course, the key element of it are the extra-heads that appear upon beheading which pretty much settled what the animation is all about. As for the other character, Heracles would've been more fitting but I was running short on time so respriting an existing character would be the fastest. I intentionally say "respriting" because it's a) double the original res and b) the light source is on the other side. To spread some confusion about the authorship, I refrained from using my trusty brush tool and instead used the pencil tool. 180% pain.

Round 3: Triple Sprites
[Image: d3Ow29V.png]
Seems like I was the only one that didn't have a solid meta-concept in that round. I guess you could sum those chaps up under the fantasy-tag but that's up to anybody, really. I just felt like drawing these three because that's how I roll :p
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1 year, 6 months, 22 days!

For some reason, I felt like giving this another go! Admittedly, not particularly suited for LF2 in terms of style but I just wanted to draw some character concepts again Wobble

[Image: S9LiVAX.png]
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"Freeze, you're under vrest!" - Mark, probably.

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I find the concept to be too flamboyant, except for the middle one. But great skill regardless!  :thumbsup:

PS: I find the "get more" function in the Smilies box in Quick Reply to not be working. Is it because I'm not using the "www" bit at the url? Just checked - yes it is.
[Image: random.php?pic=random]
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Is spriting still a thing? No idea, but here we go... tl;dr: Inuyasha et al. at the bottom.

Picture this, it is a gloomy November of 2018, been watching Inuyasha for a while (with a speed of ~1 episode/day), and felt like doing some sprites. Somewhen between blocking in colors and shading, I talked with @king_freeza (aka. prince_freeza as he was called at that time) who encouraged me to size them up to add more detail (considering how much I like detailing stuff as opposed to getting the basics right, he hit a sweet spot :p).

Turns out that the extra-time required to work at 4x the original res was complete overkill and I put the file somewhere in my pictures-folder to let it rest -- which is just an euphemistic way of abandoning things.

Lately, I've been working on polishing up sketches/paintings I made throughout 2018 (a couple of the finished ones are here, subject updates within the next couple weeks) which brings me back to these sprites. Sized them down, shaded, and called it a day. Now I can safely archive them somewhere other than my computer and forget about them completely Wobble

[Image: DbeTNdk.png]
For a reason unknown to me, I decided to add a (very minor) character of the series who only appeared for a brief time. Gives a relatively clear indication which episode I was at at that time lol.

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