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Blue Phoenix's sprites
Necrobumping a 1 year, 4 months, and 12 days old thread. Yay! cool

So, with the last Contest being over, I can finally show those sprites at their original size and maybe write a bit about them :D

Round 1: Battles
[Image: dHCPzRG.png]
Initially, I was considering to depict a physical fight between two characters but scrapped it for unoriginality. Instead, I settled with the "inner battle", more precisely the fight with the inner demons. Yeah, that's about it.

Round 2: Mythology
[Image: HbPcLaK.gif]
I honestly never attempted to create an animation and figured it would be a nice change. The theme itself gave me quite a headache because I totally wanted to sprite Charybdis, Leviathan, or Yggdrasil. All of them are fairly difficult to sprite in a somewhat proper LF2-world, so in the end, I settled with the Hydra. Of course, the key element of it are the extra-heads that appear upon beheading which pretty much settled what the animation is all about. As for the other character, Heracles would've been more fitting but I was running short on time so respriting an existing character would be the fastest. I intentionally say "respriting" because it's a) double the original res and b) the light source is on the other side. To spread some confusion about the authorship, I refrained from using my trusty brush tool and instead used the pencil tool. 180% pain.

Round 3: Triple Sprites
[Image: d3Ow29V.png]
Seems like I was the only one that didn't have a solid meta-concept in that round. I guess you could sum those chaps up under the fantasy-tag but that's up to anybody, really. I just felt like drawing these three because that's how I roll :p
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1 year, 6 months, 22 days!

For some reason, I felt like giving this another go! Admittedly, not particularly suited for LF2 in terms of style but I just wanted to draw some character concepts again Wobble

[Image: S9LiVAX.png]
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I find the concept to be too flamboyant, except for the middle one. But great skill regardless!  :thumbsup:

PS: I find the "get more" function in the Smilies box in Quick Reply to not be working. Is it because I'm not using the "www" bit at the url? Just checked - yes it is.
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