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Blue Phoenix's sprites
Quote:I dunno, atlas hand looks akward
thumb is on the wrong side
[Image: 162329kK4PV.png]
nice shading and details. but her face is a bit bony, in addition with small arms it makes her zombilike. and that crow need a beak.
[Image: 342607ti4IV.png]
Thanks given by: Silverthorn
I can't help myself but I find this incredibly funny :D
From all things, the thought that the thumb is supposed to go onto the other side never crossed my mind. Hahaha :D

Fixed. Probably will never touch the psd again. The time/pixel ratio starts to get off :p
[Image: 055Zl.png]

Actually, I have planned her to look bony. However, I guess I overdid it a bit. The fun thing is that this seems to only become obvious when either somebody mentions it or when it's viewed outside of Photoshop. Lol.
[Image: kZqDV.png]

New ones! :D

[Image: sQgXQ.png] Terminator - half human, half machine. Stronger than any other character of LF2 and, at the same time, equipped with a computerized brain. Rumours exist that only a "\0" can stop him. :p For those that don't know, google "null terminator".

[Image: cUvo5.png] Yet another reaper - because I was annoyed by the suckiness of the old version.

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guh...only critics this time:
his half upperbody isnt very machinery, but rather burnt up flesh. grey would be more suitable instead of black.
left underarm and hand are...well, just see sketch
[Image: 280676leftarm.png]
Thanks given by: Marko pro , Silverthorn , XLittlebob252
uh, ninja'd^

about terminator:
[Image: 88790913.png] help in JustMe's style =P
so his left arm is kinda too fat. he already have BIG arms, but fist should be bigger. i don't know if you wanted draw it like this, but position of thumbs is kinda weird. and last thing about that i'm not sure, but torso would be kinda thinner.

reaper looks very good, but imo shading of robe looks kinda like fur, also shading of coat make it looks "heavy".

Thanks given by: Silverthorn
Ouw, shame upon my head for forgetting to respond. Must've been caught up in other stuff :/

I'll keep your advice in mind for future sprites (as I really start to hate the sprites I post here xD). Time to add some new stuff to my hate-list! :D

[Image: pTLZB.png] Fiona -- A very distant cousin of Freeze :p (and this time, the fur-ish shading on the clothes is intended)

[Image: 5JrYo.png] Underworld -- Chained and sealed to limit his power to a minimum. Originally, I planned to make him a boss-character in a personal mod, but after coloring the line-sketch, he didn't look intimidating enough anymore, so I scrapped that project :p

Ramond edited this post 10-03-2012 08:43 PM because:

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SOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME! And you're finally back posting! And are you really making a mod? don't stop! I really want to see your spriting in 1 character at least.
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A-Engine: A new beat em up game engine inspired by LF2. Coming soon

A-Engine Dev Blog - Update #8: Timeout

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you're getting closer to lf2 style but still way unique, i like that :)
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should totally allow people to be all trolley on their birthday :D
Thanks given by: LutiChris
Thanks, guys! :)

@A-MAN: Well, I do have finished a couple characters but, apart from Ether, I do not plan release them as I feel they do not match the quality I'd like them to have ;)

Pointlessly posting 2 sprites that you probably have seen already just for the sake of having them in this thread:

[Image: 5MxKuh7.png] Revamp of Gad's sprite. Went a bit crazy with the flames :D

[Image: 4EMIcJK.png] Seth -- Posessed by evil spirits, he hides his face behind a theater-mask. Made for the sprite theme contest "shadow entity".

Also, a sprite from last year:

[Image: auCvDMb.png] Zenobia -- The very first character I have created (and, like probably any first char, ridiculously overpowered). However, a full sprite-sheet only exists in the 2007-version.
Yeah, I am aware that her head is significantly too large but meh....

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Thanks given by: Mono , NewToTheEra
In honor of me being chosen for the Revamped Sprites thread, another!

I actually had this one saved on my computer and forgot about it :p

[Image: oeiwK2L.png] Scarlet -- although not looking strong, she can cast powerful dark elemental magic during which the patterns on her dress glow deep red.

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Thanks given by: Dr. Time
(07-04-2014, 08:55 PM)Blue Phoenix Wrote:  I actually had this one saved on my computer and forgot about it :p
More of forgotten sprite-concepts that I did months ago and never got around to post 'em! :D

[Image: achGUuT.png]

There are a few things off here and there but then again, wouldn't rework them anyways, haha

Edit: some kind of explanation what each char can do (going from left to right):
  1. Some kind of normal guy in his mid-30s that has decided it's boring to just go to the fitness studio and puts his strength to good use in beating up some people that deserve a royal kick in the rear.
  2. A psychic who uses telepathy to control others (i.e. doesn't fight herself and lets others do the dirty work).
  3. Firen is ready to step up the game! Steals Louis's armor, melts it down to form himself a neat new armor and laughs maniacally at anybody who tries to approach him :D

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Thanks given by: LutiChris , Ariyan

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