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Enable the Full Screen Button
Hey guys, I need help cause I'm not very good at HEX editing.
How does one enable the Full Screen button of the exe? There are some mods out there that has enabled fullscreen buttons, but how do they do it?
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iirc lf2 2.0(a) can go fullscreen by pressing the maximize button (stretches pixels though)

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I thought Alt+Enter does the fullscreen thing.
Although it crashes LF2 on my computer...
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You can click with the right button of mouse, properties->Compatibility, tick on "Run in 640x480". This create a full-screen view, but it depend on the computer parameters too, which sometimes may not create a good full-screen.
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in 1.9 right click shortcut icon => go to properties => click on shortcut tab => at run: choose maximized window => press ok
now whenever you open lf2 it will play in a maximized window
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Or use LF2 Ultimate Patcher
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