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LF2 Tower Defense - ideas gathering
i wanna make a tower defense game since quite a while already, so why not make it with lf2 characters?
i dont have lots of ideas though, so lets discuss how the game should look like :D
i think it might be fun to make it play similar to ninjatown:

so the the ninjas will be replaced with the characters.
also you have one hero char (main chars) who you control.

what do you think?

oh and im gonna need some spriters for custom sprites (like walking/running downwards and upwards) :p

current team:
Bamboori (main programming)
EXG9 (spriting)
Me'n'Mine (misc)
Gad (misc)
sonic boom (graphics)

current progress:
ideas gathering
Thanks given by: Marko pro , Mono
Yeah imma help! imma help!
I am pretty good with python and pygame!
and if u think U need to c some of my work, I will show U some.
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Great idea...
I looking foward to play this game.Sometimes i like to play some tower defense game on the internet.
I havent experiences in making games so i wont be able to help :(
First you need to decide who will attacking tower(what char).My suggestion is to put char from stage mod(bandit,henry,mark,....firzen julian)....
Dont stop this project.
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i have two ideas for enemies:
first is subchars, that would also mean that your own chars fight them.
your towers would be like small huts for your chars to spawn.

the second one is some kind of zombies or some kind of liquid or something... something that doesnt necessarily fight back.
so there wont be a fight and your chars would shoot projectiles at them.

i personally like the first idea much better, but tell me your opinions =)
Thanks given by: king_freeza
It is better to do as in stage mode only with defending tower. Nothing complicated.
First opinions is better... :) + from me
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i could help with sprites :D
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in which programming language are you going to make this?
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should totally allow people to be all trolley on their birthday :D
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in yoyo game maker, as its the only thing im advanced enough in :p
which means for now only playable on windows - but if someone has gm mac or html5, i could give the data to him/her (her, haha, who am i kidding?) and it would be playable on pretty much any os.
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hm. then count me out, I am not too fond of the whole gamemaker stuff.
I can act as technical support though (logic and algorithmic wise for example)
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should totally allow people to be all trolley on their birthday :D
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well if you would like to do the coding you can ;D
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