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JoHo15´s Art
I actually dont want to change my finished pieces so i can see the mistakes i made when years passed.

Face Study (Click to View)
First time tried to study form a real photo. I didn't wanted to get the exact replica. Focused more about the shading.
I used a photo from Avril Lavigne for reference.
[Image: ZHkICNr.png][Image: adGT3Xm.png]
Thanks given by: STM1993 , Gad , LutiChris
First time?! Your drawings have so many problems that you should this way more often.
Also would be nice to show the original reference so we can compare :)

[Image: NsiNMB9.png]

Help me and test my new game basis!

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I don't draw that much i did last year about 7 drawings (3 digital)
and i wasn't really intrested in doing studys and i foucused more about colors last year :/
But i wanted to change that and draw more this year :)

Reference (Click to View)
[Image: ZHkICNr.png][Image: adGT3Xm.png]
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