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Contest #19: Spriting Challenge
woah woah
i am not keen on it - just asking

i was just thinking about seeing how some are deliberately not voting for a certain entry
if the votes are public i might just wait till last minute till i vote myself

in any case we cannot or should not force either public or anonymous votes as most will probably still want to post their decision etc
and for that i think a poll that only unlocks as public after one has voted would be best imo (not being able to see who voted for what before you voted yourself)
but thats not an option in this forum for all i know

(06-01-2012, 06:52 PM)The Lost Global Mod Wrote:  oh oh... i see. This could mean, the sprites can be distinguished by votes too. If let's say the sprite is in a pretty low quality and not many or hardly any votes are to be casted for it, you can safely say that one of the voters might be the creator. This makes guessing much easier, also boring.

I did forget about the fact that the names are not visible on poll for a moment, that's why this possibility slipped my mind.
So this could also considered as plus-point for anonymous voting.

actually usually they are if you click the view results link - even if you have not voted yet
that way you can also think vice versa: a sprite with lots of votes - but one certain user has voted for many other sprites except for this one :p

edit: anyway - i don't care much - i just wanted to know
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good thing, i didn't reply at the same moment i saw your post, would have missed the edits :p
anyways, you might have noticed too, but by discussing this openly we might have already changed the way people vote in this contest, at least for those smart enough and those who actually care about that side-effect of "guessing".

But then again, humans are unpredictable and lfe has a speciality to unlock that in every member, it's like a qualification you must have to enter in here, so probably everyone is giving a damn about this and votes like a madman.

well, if you don't actually care and me does neither, bp will probably do as he wishes (not like that ever was in question).
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should totally allow people to be all trolley on their birthday :D
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mad votes ftw
i cannot wait
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me too.
never was this excited before when it comes to a spriting contest.
the only thing which gave me this excitement were the writing challenges!

TWO MORE HOURS (in my timezone though and probably + some hours in which bp tends to sleep)
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should totally allow people to be all trolley on their birthday :D
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Damn. I should have planned a time to work on this. oh well my own fault for being a n00b.
G00d luck to the contestants.
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At my timezone there's still 10 more hours, so wait for me, i will make smthing in next 2 hours D:
Might be back, might be not :^) anyways awesome to see you guys again!
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Soooo many entries! :D

Thanks a ton to everybody that participated! The poll will be up in a few minutes ;)
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