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DB new series!!!!!! 2011-2012
Dbz levels are lame.
Best 1st and 2nd level, 3rd just for special events.
On topic.
If someone will ever see something related to dbz hoshi or dbz after future check it by looking at some anime forums or by googling.
Do you think they put everything on youtube.
First they might put teasers but not unfinished eps or smthing related, i guess some realy dont know how anime preview looks like.
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anyone knows dragon ball multiverse?
dctbullshit changed his name into Kuriza!
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its a fan made comic by gogeta.jr and salagir..

also lol how many times do i hafta say this.. anything beyond dbz is nonsense and crap esp dbz af.. XD

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i thought it was all fusion not after future

Need more ppl who can sprite backgrounds and weapons
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