Poll: U want Rep System Back?
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Do u want Reputation System Back?
(04-20-2012, 10:49 AM)empirefantasy Wrote:  
(04-19-2012, 03:24 PM)Blue Phoenix Wrote:  Plainly disallowing negative reps would seem to solve that kind of issue but really, it does not. It's as if you're revolting against a dictator by kissing his boots. Or something similar. At least, it defeats the point of a reputation-system.

I think think this is useless too.Neutral rep will not be appreciated by members,as ti is the same with giving negative ones.

Which again leads to "disable Neutral reps as well", which leaves only positive reps, a system extremely similar to the current thanks-one.
>> No to reenabling.
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Okay, here are my opinions on the suggested improvements:

Only allow admins/mods/random priviledged people to rep somebody
Whilst it would certainly reduce the amount of spammy reps to a minimum, there is a major flaw in this: only a handful of people decide upon how the vast majority perceives this member. Sure, it prevents the mob-like behavior that usually ensues when X posts a negative comment about Y and then receives negative reps from 5 or more people that are all related to it. Things can easily be changed when it becomes obvious that the member improves his/her behavior. However, here is the deal: it all seems a bit like a democratic system. A few people are elected and, for the next couple years, direct their country's fate without anyone interfering. Often times, there are situations that the general public does not agree with but "seem" necessary. Some countries have a referendum which does allow the political participation of everybody regardless of for whom they voted. But really, does this sound like a practical solution in our case? Frankly, I don't think so. A poll for every member that goes like "Would you give X a +1, 0, or -1?" is way too much hassle for this. Therefore, I guess I'll have to go with a no on this one.

Have 1/a few rep-mods
I'll have to agree with what YinYin said; if you don't have a disastrous gossip-fetish and like to read every single rep-comment, you'll quickly get bored and want to quit. This will inevitably happen. Also, let's say the rep-mod has a bad day and only approves negative reps that day. It's unlikely but the chance is there to let that happen. Errare humanum est.

Up-/Downvote of individual reps
I have thought quite a bit about that (thanks for reminding me, I really forgot about this) and, upon first glance, this seems like the perfect system for us. It'll be probably interesting to deduct a good rating from a few comments and their respective agree/disagree-ratios but let's just say we find the perfect algorithm. The thing I am unsure about is, again, the mob-behavior which will make it, for newcomers especially, extremely hard to get a decent rating once they mess up. Yes, people will just need to change their thumbs-up to a thumbs-down or something like that to help bring the negative rep into the background but some people are either extremely critical, lazy, or forget about it altogether. So, the rep-comment might stay above a certain offset and will count into the overall rep, etc. I guess you get the point.
From all suggestions, this is probably the most practical and reliable, but it does have its flaws as well. Mostly in regard to how to deal with the mob-phenomenon. It's kind of hard to predict and when it strikes, it does it well and efficiently. Any suggestions on that issue?
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after that c&p line u prove that u are mono lol.
I guess we should allow mods, admins, all those who got VIP membership etc and the Elite personalities here on LFE in different fields.
For Ex- Luti for Spriting and YinYin for Dc.
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(04-20-2012, 12:07 PM)Sonic Boom Wrote:  @EXG9
after that c&p line u prove that u are mono lol.

[Image: Funny_Pictures_General_Captain_Obvious.jpg] :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
@pf, so if you say that, then it means right?cooldown, i was new here, so?
Just don't let you emotions talk for you, i know you like it, but you just try to make me feel bad when writing offensive things.

So, i was, mono, and i have mono memory but not account, is something not clear?!!?!?!?!?
I thought someone said that i must be stupid if i want you to think that iam not mono
prince_freeza Wrote:
EXG9 Wrote:Do you even know that for these kinds of things, there is pms?
Do you even realize why iam doing that?
Do you know anything about it?if not, then stay down.

fuk you
same to you!!!
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This is happening again, oh my god. I am becoming paranoid.
In case you did not understand, any further mono discussion will be resulted in a ban, possibly permanent.

To the topic: I think it is not worth the time to implement something like that, because it will end as a failure, like every time.
Thanks given by: Electric2Shock
Uh.. I'll just ignore the rather useless discussion about monos.

At first, my reply was a rather large and resounding NO!

Buuuut.... I gave it some thought and came to the conclusion that the system of repping individual posts does have its merits. (This method is used in a few forums I've seen.)
However, some people tend to rep others for the most pointless of things like putting down or insulting others (in a creative and crude manner).

I'm not really sure if we need people with pointlessly huge reputations for being sarcastic, either.

So, my answer is still a large and resounding: No.

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Purely not intended to start a flamewars.
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This whole topic has been discussed a lot many times. I dont know why people are going into such worthless topics again and again. I am damn sure this so called 'discussion' is going to end like many of us getting banned etc.
After this dilemmatic discussion ends, soon after 2-5 months, another situation like this is gonna come. This thread is just like the "I am quitting LFE forever by kushagrajaink" for t0ta1 n00bs.

To sum this stuff up, I shall say that we need a huge number of active dealers of "nonsense with common sense". And due to inadequate and inactive moderators, and lack of enough sensible guys to elect mods, this thing is gonna be an EPIC fail.

I think I put a little too brains there :D
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Thanks given by: Hero destroyer
I say "no" as well.
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in concise points:

when these rating systems were first introduced to lfe (thanks, rep, etc.) they were used more conservatively - people thanked for only good posts, and rated for things worth rating (such as being especially good/helpful at sprites, dc, fighting, hex, making a useful app etc.).

currently the thanks system is used as a "like" system, and the rep system (before it was put down) was used as a "this is my first impression/opinion of you" system.

if these systems can be used more sparingly as they once were used, then things will be much much better.

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The only problem here is immature, abusive reps which was given by same kind peoples.
If one person hate other person and always try to do bad thing for him, then its hater problem, idk, maybe need a doctor to overcome that problem.
If hated person gets upset by trol reps, then he must ignore it, or report to admins, mods for such thing.
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