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What song are you listening to??
Been 3 weeks at my new job working for my nemesis jeff bezos. The only real driving experience in my life has been with this job but luckily after the 2nd day i got the hang of the flow.

I have changed my mind on RV's after driving a van. Working 6-7 days a week i should get enough dough for a truck before we move out into the suburbs.

Everyone is friendly at the warehouse. I even got a nickname "shaggy" from scoobydoo. 90% of the staff is black, my trainer who smokes apparently is freemason we seemed to jive well when it came to philosophy and esoteric concepts he refused to reveal anything about lucifer (gonna read alberts pike dogma and morals with what little time i have left coming back home) he even admitted that predominantly black corporations tend to be disorganized after my 2nd day of amazon prime everything was hectic.

I learned a neat trick. Wearing a safety vest when entering an apartment complex and theyre most likely to give you a water bottle if you ask. Let alone entering into a movie theater or amusement park to appear like you are just there to fix something ?

It feels like i entered a new chapter in my life, experiencing freedom with every mile my van carries me. Turning on the radio is so foreign to me since i mostly stick with my youtube playlist. This is one i was listening to when i was starting my route.

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