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[Image: AqOAZs.jpg] Bamboori
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[Image: f9A0Ps.jpg] empirefantasy
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[Image: Mi1jPs.jpg] koori-youkai
9 9.89%
[Image: pnN2ms.png] LutiChris
29 31.87%
[Image: cQSY6s.jpg] Magnificent Mango
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Contest #17: Character Cosplay - VOTING
The theme was to cosplay as an LF2-character. 5 people participated:

Bamboori (Click to View)
empirefantasy (Click to View)
koori-youkai (Click to View)
LutiChris (Click to View)
Magnificient Mango (Click to View)
Vote for your favorites ;)


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wut is magnificent mango cosplaying?
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firen? :p
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Voted for Bamboori - Excellent expression and totally looks like a bandit ;D.
Voted for Luti - Nice played. I don't like those hair, but looks like you've put some effort to cosplay this.
Would vote for koori, but I don't like the value of colors.
mango - can't say who is this guy on a picture xD.
empirefantasy - hair is missing

[Image: NsiNMB9.png]

Help me and test my new game basis!

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hmmm..... i like bamboori's and luti's entrys, but i voted only for luti cuz i forgot to vote for bamboori, sorry dude:P
for mango i didnt know who is your char until bamboori sayd.
great work to all the participated members, and good luck to you all;)
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Bamboori you really looks like bandit,but bandit easy to wear like a bandit
empirefantasy myself
koori what's that red part? Other parts looks good
luti I admire your skills as an artist,but that pic doesnt looks original in your hair.
magnificent mango upper part looks like firen,but firen pants are long,till to his shoes.

I will think more for my vote(s).

I would remake my photo these days,i would have longer hairs,yea now i have longer hairs.
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I believe Mango is cosplaying as John, with open hair. His stance points into a "mage" direction. :P

Anyway: I personally cannot vote for anybody, because I really, and I mean really like all of the entries. Seriously. So awesome. :D Got no favorite or anything.

EDIT: Oh wait, on second thought, he probably IS displaying Firen. :P
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I think Bamboori got the image of a bandit a little bit better than Luti as ninja... I mean, he just looks more convincing to me. :p Maybe you chose bad hero, or the edits are bad, but I just prefer Bamboori over you. Nothing against you though :)
Also, koori, just because it looks awesome <3
Thanks given by: koori
Nice cosplays everyone. I shall take some time to decide whom I'll vote for, though.
But seriously, if you can't tell whom Mango is cosplaying you need to play LF2 again. Right now. 24h hours straight. And no lame excuses such as school or real-life obligations. :P
Thanks given by: Bamboori , koori , qwertz143
(02-13-2012, 05:32 PM)Reaper Wrote:  But seriously, if you can't tell whom Mango is cosplaying you need to play LF2 again.
Which modification includes that character?
Can't wait to play it, looks interesting.

[Image: NsiNMB9.png]

Help me and test my new game basis!

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