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Misc offsets
I recently messed around with the colors in the exe and stumbled over some offsets. Let's say, they are not terribly useful but maybe somebody finds a purpose for them. Paste the code into the cfg-file and uncomment the lines you want to apply. Create a backup first, otherwise... you're screwed :P
If there are any spaces between the actual code lines (not the comments) when copying, remove them.

Have fun :)

disable header before loading

disable "game start/network game/control settings"-box

make lf2 unstartable (I found seceral of these but because of my laziness, one has to be enough :P)

remove credit lines before loading

disable game start button

disable network game button

hide hover effect over game start button

disable game start function (sound & hover still works, though)

create a blank Little Fighter 2 window (everything still works but I'm not really sure if this will increase gameplay fun...)

start LF2 hidden (no possibility to make the window active; only an icon in the task bar)

delete the window title (Actually, with a regular hex-editor you could also change the title but that's something you've to discover on your own)
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