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Contest #17: Character Cosplay
is allowed the picture to edit in grapic prog? if somebody dont have the stuff therefor?

edit| damn, ok!
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(01-08-2012, 02:09 PM)Doj Wrote:  is allowed the picture to edit in grapic prog? if somebody dont have the stuff therefor?

(01-08-2012, 12:35 PM)Blue Phoenix Wrote:  You may apply post-work to your photos (editing and such) to resemble the respective character clearer

I just find it sad you haven't read this although it's been said already about 3 times in this thread
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I'm gonna be Freeezee

but don't expect much from me:D
there may be a lot of edited(gimped) things on me:P

and i may cover my face:|

still i have no idea what can i find to wear like freeze:D
where the hell im gonna find a cape/cloak?D:

I do retreat:(
[Image: llqsMqz.jpg][Image: llqsMqz.jpg][Image: llqsMqz.jpg][Image: llqsMqz.jpg]
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Use bedding,later with gimp edit and you have cap/cloak
I'm going to be bandit,i have pants and tshirt like bandit colors,but i dont have black gloves and black thing like scarf,its be hard to do from black to yellow or red.
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argh dammit i wanted to be bandit too :p

hm, can we do more than one cosplay? i dont know who to do

Silverthorn edited this post 01-08-2012 10:12 PM because:
You may submit only one entry, but there speaks nothing against multiple people taking the same char ;)
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i think we can both be a bandit,hen lets see who will be better bandit cosplayer
EDIT:i have short hairs because of damn new hair cut,then i will be able to do some other like hunter ot other
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well after doing evry thing do we edit it in gimp
or post it
and i might be sorcor(cant wright name right) because of my hair

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It's already 26 and yet not even an entry. -_-
I'll post one soon, anyone knows a good hairstyle editor program or website?

@v: lol.
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Wait how the hell did i not see this thread?!?!?
can you extend the deadline? this is going to be exciting! :D

V) oh kewl!
i wanted to buy clothing if i had time after SAT classes
but if i don't then i guess what little paper and glue can do, is good enough :P
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i can tell you that koori is working on hers ;D
if im able tomorrow ill do my beardy bandit lol
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