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[ActionScript] Can I make a movie clip that loads YouTube video (like embedded video)
I'm using Flash 8.
Action Script 2 is preferred because I think it fits better to animations.

So I want to make a MovieClip which loads and play embedded YouTube videos (so with all the play/pause/stop and progress bar on the bottom) according to the url it is given. So a single movieclip which can load different videos according to inputs.
The url depends on some variables. I can use the conditional branch stuff.
I've seen something like this and I need it for a project :P .

Any good solution? I don't care if I have to copy-paste some script that I don't understand at this moment, because embedding a YouTube video might be too complex for me right now :D .
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I don't know if it's good to still stick with AS2, seeing that AS3 has been released 4(?) years ago...

Anyways, a quick look revealed this:
As for the loading-swf-part, feel free to check this one:

Hope that kind of helps ;)
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oO .
loadmovie can do it... wth, I thought loadmovie is only for local files, so it can also load youtube videos? xD .
Thanks, it works lol so what I have been searching for is just one line of code XD . I thought embedding youtube is a complex thing, I was imagining blocks of codes lol.

Yay!! It works perfectly XD .
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