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[C++] Why doesn't it compile?
I've been using CodeBlocks on a different computer for a while, and now that I installed it on the other one it doesn't work. I try pressing F9, even the buttons "Run" and "Build and run", but it doesn't work. No error message, no nothing...
Tried searching on google, haven't found anything. (found similar problems, but no solutions...). I also tried using different compilers, reinstalling, deleting default.conf on %appdata%, but it doesn't work!

Any help here? :)
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what's compiler output?


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lol, j/k. But your question sounded like it was meant that way. ;)
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Couldn't find it, nor search it. Where is it?
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At the bottom of the window, under "Build messages".

Alternatively record a video of the process.

Also, which version of Code::Blocks did you download? On which system?
As far as I know, only the Windows MinGW download includes a compiler.
If you downloaded one of the others, you'll have to install the compiler separately from Code::Blocks.
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(12-19-2011, 11:28 AM)Someone else Wrote:  At the bottom of the window, under "Build messages".
Shows nothing. Keeps being blank. Seems like the build button (or f9) is not responding at all :D (but program works, I can type and do anything else)
(12-19-2011, 11:28 AM)Someone else Wrote:  Also, which version of Code::Blocks did you download? On which system?
codeblocks-10.05-setup.exe, for Windows 7. So I probably need to download the mingw one? Trying it now :)
Thanks! I am going to post if that doesn't work also.

Edit: Nope, doesn't work...
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