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How to submit your Project to LFE-Downloads
(09-07-2011, 03:37 PM)shin hanazumi Wrote:  sorry for bother, i know you are very busy MH, but can i extract it into .rar file?(not .zip)

All characters,weapons and stages in LFE Mainsite are in zip.Also most of other mods,versions etc are in zip too.

To compress (and extract) in/from zip you don't need any special program,while to compress (and extract) with RAR you need have RAR archive porogram.
Even rar make a smaller size of files Zip is more practical.

So i think you need to compress it in ZIP.
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but everyone has winrar... even when the trial expires the program works the exact same...
It's like so live!
And to answer your question yes you can.. I sent mine in rar format.

however not to sound like a bleeped word.. I doubt your char will be accepted.
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(09-07-2011, 07:57 PM)bashscrazy Wrote:  however not to sound like a bleeped word.. I doubt your char will be accepted.
maybe? but, if not i will try my best on my projects again ^^.
sorry for gravedigging, but c'mon friends,
in the mainsite, we only have 6 new chars now
submit all your great chars!!! XD

Shin Hanazumi
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(09-08-2011, 08:31 AM)shin hanazumi Wrote:  sorry for gravedigging, but c'mon friends,

less than 24 hours is not gravedigging...

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since the char submission turned out well so far I also prepared the system for submitting weapons and backgrounds, have fun ^^
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I created a simple background to make creating preview pics easier.

You just have to install the background and then:

1) Open the template in your graphic editing program
[Image: Character_pic_zpsd1jhvcem.png]
2) Start LF2, pick your character and the background named LFE_preview
3) Make him do a move that you want to be previewed and eventually pause the game
4) Press ALT+PrtSc (=print screen)
5) Paste the preview picture in your graphic editing program.

If you want to pause the game to get the correct picture, walk out of the range of the pause picture in lf2. I gave the background extra space on the y-axis for this purpose.

For instructions on how to add a character to the mainsite, I refer to the first post of this topic.


Feel free to use materials made for LF2 extended, such as the sprites for Daniel. You can choose to continue it or to use the sprites for a new character. You can find the subforum for LF2 extended under 'projects'.
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Just a little info for anybody that hasn't seen it. I updated the submission-procedure slightly (namely, the email to send the finished projects to). Should quicken up things ;)

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Hello, This is my first post and my first character, but i hope that it like you. I am a Pokefan, so I created a pokemon starter of Kanto: Bulbasaur. One of you must already know it. He is very fantastic.

I added some moves of the move list of the pokemon, as mud bomb and moon light. It's very good. Mmmm... I don't know, I do not know what else to say about him.

I hope that you watch my character, and you like my work :D

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can I publish a modified hero? or just completely new heroes ?
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(03-08-2019, 12:16 AM)Joãozinho do Grau Wrote:  can I publish a modified hero? or just completely new heroes ?

If it is tastefully done, i.e. it significantly improves the quality of an existing character (as determined by play-testers), and has the consent of the original author, then you could also opt for modifying. Keep in mind, though, that original work is still much more appreciated.

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