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Contest #15: Collaborative Fighting Challenge
Okay, so... I left this contest open for an additional week, and guess what? ZERO NEW ENTRIES!

Seriously, I am disappointed in you. Begging for more time while the others barely made it to the old deadline and now forgetting about it.

You have 4 hours left.
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I would very like to, but... ahem yea, recording problems -.-
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nobody wanna join with me too bad!
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Got school srry guys ._. also learning guitar....
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Alright, I looked through the submissions and am now happy to announce the winners!

  1. Ramond & The Lost Global Mod: Stage 28, 12076hp lost, 96340 attack (Download)
  2. Dr. Death & Kevin: Stage 20, 10066hp lost, 62684 attack (Download)
  3. Azriel & Blue Phoenix: Stage 20, 11390hp lost, 75508 attack (Download)

Additional entries:
empirefantasy & AnimeGirl: Stage 5, 3009hp lost, 11619 attack (Download)
Electric Shock & nehalbordoloi: Stage 4, 2306hp lost, 4592 attack (Download)

Thank you to all participants and congratulations to the winners!

Please also have a look into the >Hall of Fame< !
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Lol 28 D: i could get only to 8-9 with my friend D:
Might be back, might be not :^) anyways awesome to see you guys again!
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Shame on me as i went only in stage 5Mad Well,we didnt tried that much.Even that i am glad that i participate here in this LFE contest :).

I think that guys should have more initiative.Just 10 members is low.And this time the contest was not with DC or story,as some of you can't do them.It was just fighting,that everybody can do,even if you are not that good in it.

hmm... even Phil left, he won the first place,so he dont know that he won.
Thanks given by: Silverthorn , nehalbordoloi

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