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Vegito - The Most Invulnerable Fighter
(09-10-2011, 04:41 PM)Electric Shock Wrote:  Final Kamehameha looks kinda similar to Super Kamehameha except for the color. And I thought that Final Kamehameha was a ball and was used by normal Vegito. I never saw Big Bang Attack as a ball for Vegito.

BTW, what DCing did you do for making that Big Bang Attack Beam? :P

Forgot to reply to this.. o.O

umm.. I decided not to give the final kamehameha to normal vegito and decided to base it off the games but my own wersion that's why its green.

As for big bang attack ball and giving it to normal vegito I wanted it like so..

Big Bang Attack - Ball
Kamehameha - Beam
Super Kamehameha - Super Beam

Big Bang Attack - Beam Explosion
Kamehameha - Ball
Final Kamehameha - Super Beam

changes it up and gives it a little variety/flava flav

and if you guys are looking for a download I'm still waiting on MH ;)
EDIT: expect a download around wednesday

EDIT2: LOL WHAT?!?! xD Thanks MH
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I tried your character, Bashcrazy.


But, I don't know why, some of his moves are difficult to perform. I'm not saying :"it's not easy", I'm refering to the gameplay, sometimes it's troublesome. I had the same impression when I played with your batman. I don't know if it's the way you want your characters to be or a Datachanging problem, but sometimes it's heavy to play with.

That's just to criticize your work, you know, but actually your vegito is AWESOME!

Well, now I want to speak about something really wrong:
The dash attack of the most invulnerable fighter doesn't kill a bandit in a single blow!
The dash attack of every original LF2 character kill in one shot, why doesn't vegito? That doesn't fit him.
Imo, you should fix it...
Thanks given by: Electric2Shock

I made some very basic sh**** n00by AI for Vegito and Super Vegito.
Super Vegito can do some awesome melee + energy attack combos if he isn't busy wasting his ki on several other of his attacks haha


Like I said, it's not that great but it's better than having no AI at all. I'm sure you already know how to "install" it.
Thanks given by: Alapottra , A-Man

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