Poll: Do you believe at existing of UFOs ?
no I don't
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Do you believe at existing of UFOs ?
Do you think that UFOs exist?
Give any argument of something good,not just "yes cos I have hear about them",or "no they are all fake situations".

I know a lot of information about them because I like all weird things,so I just wanted to discuss with you.Ninja
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Of course they exist! Do you even imagine how big universe is? Neither do I, but I certainly know that this kind of size is obviously big enough to have some other form of life in it (I'm talking about the universe :p). Would you disagree?

But I don't believe that we already have encountered them... these fairy tales about weird things and UFOs in Earth are plainly made up with economic purposes (as well as religion, and everything else in life) :)
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We are not alone!!
I read a lot of books, scientists and soldiers found differnt shapes of UFO, including triangle, round even V shape!
19??, a man was capture by aliens during the night about 11 pm.
2011/may/??, a farmer found the corpes of some aliens.
2010/september/??, a submarine soldier found a V-shaped spaceship disappear off the radar in 3 seconds!!
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UFOs are from outer space, but some of them might be a man-made ones

P/s: I've read 109 mystery of the man kind ----> It has 40 threads about them
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I don't believe in UFOs (Unknown Flying Objects), I do believe in aliens though.

I think that the universe is big enough for a planet with a similar climate than ours exists, so life must have developed on other planets as well. Some could be more advanced, some could still be at a monocellular level.
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UFOs do indeed exist (but not necessarily made by Aliens).
I also believe that there exists other forms of life than the ones on Earth.

But one thing I know for sure exists is UFEs (Unidentified Flying Egg).
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I have a newspaper on my hand and I am translating it into english.

27.01.1945 A group of planes were flying to chase a suspicious object in Bermude triangle.After a while they were disappeared.
June 1990 5 planes which was a type of World War II,wanted to land on airport.Pilots was saying: "mission complete,we need to land now".
After that unplanned landing,everybody in airport understood from documents that they were pilots of that mission.Also pilots noticed that airport was a few different,but for them was just some hours since when they started flying....
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Ofcourse they exist,i think if someone making movies,i think they saw somethink like this
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I think UFO's exist as we are not alone in this whole universe.
There maybe aliens who are like us and would have some flight vehicles like a spacecraft here but, a bit more advanced or even they can be having their own flying capabilities.
I think that famous round design is some sort of a reality cuz many have reported the same thing.
Maybe they also don't believe in aliens [Us Humans] as we are aliens to them too.
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Just to make it clear:

UFO =/= Alien

If you believe in UFOs, then you believe in aliens who fly around the universe and do awesome stuff.
If you only believe in aliens, you believe in life on other planets.
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