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atari 2600 style game contest
maybe im lucky and somebody will actually read this...

I am holding a programming/game designing competition again.
this time, the game has to feel like the good old atari vcs(2600) :D
[Image: s_Pitfall_1.png]

since the game should feel as much as the original games as possible, here are the restrictions:
-maximal 8 pixel width, no height limitation (though you could combine 2 or more sprites)
-only one color per pixelrow
-only colors from the original atari 2600 palette

a good choice is to use this editor, which features all of the above:

since there is no program for making original vcs sounds afaik, you will have to create sounds/music that sounds similar.
lets assume that our game also has an extra chip for music, so you can use bg music and sounds at once.

-two sprites on field only
-3 one-pixel sprites on field
the atari could only display 3 sprites in a row, but we will leave that aside.
also, to let you a bit more freedom, we will push the sprite limit up to 4
and the pixel limit to 8 on screen.

-resolution: 160x192, though the pixel scale is 5x3, resulting in almost 4:3 aspect
-four directional keys (two neighboring can be combined -> 8 directions)
-one action key
-one mode key, though its not advised to use it since it was on the console itself on the original hardware.
-you can make a 2 player game, thus all controls are doubled (2 player controls for 1? hint hint ;D)

the rest of the limitations of the original hardware will be left aside.
and again, you can use whatever program(ing language) you want.

actually you can even screw every programming limitation as long as it feels like atari 2600 :P

there is no deadline, there is no price (yet). this is a just for fun contest.
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nobody really? :<
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I think nobody is able to do that.I think you should close this thread to reopen it in summer when peoples,have more time.Also you should let a post-notice which said that peoples can pm you if they are interested and then,reopen the thread.
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I don't program, so ye!
well I have done visual basic and some java
but nothing awesome - plus my computer has svchost.exe problems :(
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what about game maker? is easy to use D:
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(05-16-2011, 06:59 PM)Bamboori Wrote:  what about game maker? is easy to use D:
But hard to accomplish and realize the exact idea you want.

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And I don't think a lot of people on this forum have had experience with an Atari 2600 before - heck, even I haven't :P

This is just too much for me to grasp :P

*brain failure*
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Okay, to clear this up: people hate/have no time/interest in creating a game. Not to mention creating a game with restrictions. That 8-color-game-contest miserably failed. There was a 16x16px-game-contest or so as well, iirc, and it failed as well. I would be really surprised if this would change this time. Just my opinion.

Instead, I'd rather recommend sticking with more simple stuff. Let people create game elements; something which can easily be done within 1-2h. The less time one needs to spend, the more people will join. Basic rule :p
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well, maybe it didnt come out clear enough, since most people here dont seem to have any experience with the console:
the game should be VERY simple.
the atari cartridges had 8kb max. so the games very pretty limited, donkey kong for example pushed the hardware almost to the max. and look at it:
[Image: dkong.png]

the games really dont have to have much more than eg 3 levels or 3 rooms. its just a short game that could be completely played in a few minutes maybe.

i for example will try to remake the nes legend of zelda and only will make a minimal overworld, 1 dungeon and 2 caves(houses). and that is pretty much already.

it really could be just a variant of pong or tetris (though tetris is tough to pull off programming wise :P).

so please: take one or two hours, make a small game and post it here. maybe even throw in a little love.
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i got interested into gm last month and downloaded game maker, i didnt understand a single thing on how to operate with it :D

@bamb: id like to join if i find the time soon.
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