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Platform Technique
At least I didn't mess up ^_^

Thanks laul!


Okay, now I can jump onto boxes that anybody picked up. Even when running...
Next challenge is, obviously, making so that if the box moves, the character moves with it.


It's not perfect, but at least it works as it should.
Too bad I can't split the jump in two and make one part mounted and one part regular on the floor...
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Congrats for managing to make it ;)

For the moving part: I've tried that very often too, and it's pretty difficult to make. You need to have an itr/kind: 8 to let the char stick to the platform, the only bad thing is that the moves and everything needs an itr/kind: 8 :/
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Not very difficult to do -_-
I'm uploading a demonstration to youtube - to show you what I mean

Btw, I can't get it to jump on the top of the platform the first try... I have to jump once, char ends up on the carrier's hands, 2nd time is in the middle of the crate, and only 3rd is on top...
Is there a fix for this?
(For crates on the ground it works perfectly, and I'd like to keep it that way...)

Sorry for not including a jump-onto-grounded-crate one... And since my upload speed is crap, I'm not gonna make another one. Sorry.
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