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Ariel's Sprites
Wow!!Your sprites are extremely cool.It would have taken long time creating them.Don't forget to post more.
Thanks given by: Ariel
i think i should give a piece of tip . the body is not only made of torso and legs. but also made of regions such as buttocks and crotch area. so try to add a triangular regions bitween legs and torso . i cant giv an explanation wid a pic now . sorry
Thanks given by: Ariel , Taniaetc
(06-03-2011, 03:57 PM)DesignHeaven Wrote:  [Image: heat_animation_by_arieltw1-d3hxv37.gif]

Critics, numbered, but completely random.

1. No crotch, sexless? 2. Torso muscles look awful. Only bodybuilders have that kind of wide muscles. I presume it's easier to draw it this way, but having in mind that HF characters are, if not teens, then young adults, it's only possible having that kind of musculature, if you're on steroids. 3. Left hand's glove should not be showing. 4 Legs aren't flushed out, i.e. maybe more meat on them. 5. Color palette is too dark; it looks like the character is carved out of wood. 6. Deltoid (shoulder) muscles are too long, it should be at around half of the chest muscles, not on the nipple level. And that leaves the biceps small. I've seen from your tutorial, that you've copied the muscle from the picture, but have in mind, that the muscle looks like that only when it's "posing for the camera". (I read too much of Tolstoy today, damn russian language can't seem to work with my english, but I hope, that you get what I mean.)

All in all, still leaves a lot to be desired.
Thanks given by: Ariel
Thanks Klod
ill use it for the next time! :)
and for now!
[Image: 2e1893afef5153b585650e2a6bb778f2-d3i1p5e.png]
Hero Fighter women! thanks to alec help me with how to draw girl styles hair!
[Image: p45mycA.png]
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as good as the sprite looks, there are some minor flaws that u srsly need to fix, again "crotch problem" also her legs are kinda errrm off? i mean their thick somehow. hair on the other hand is good though, good job
Thanks given by: Ariel , Alectric
(06-04-2011, 08:54 PM)DesignHeaven Wrote:  [Image: 2e1893afef5153b585650e2a6bb778f2-d3i1p5e.png]

Like what freeza said, add an actual crotch (I'm not being obscene here) and the lower legs probably need to be thinner too.
The dragon skull on her upper right arm is nice; you can add something similar to that on other parts of her body (e.g dragon feet shoes?)!
And I like the hair! It's close to HF style ;)
Keep up the great work, DesignHeaven! ;D
[Image: abstractdaad.png]
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Thanks given by: Ariel
ok iv fixed the legs and i change a few thing i thnik they dont loks very well
so here is the out come:
[Image: defa5e785325ba9b992433a93df3d714-d3i3iyp.png]

oh and i just dont know what to do about the crotch problem she isnd a male so what should be there? lol XD
[Image: p45mycA.png]
Thanks given by:
here you go my friend:
[Image: 2iXef.png]
(perhaps a little over exaggerated) (i say 'my' version, because it isnt necessarily the proper way to do it)

Women have a gap between the thighs, and a slight bent line between them (they may not have bulging genitals, but there is still something there.
Men have a (^) type shape but with a slight bulge at the top

(Dont like what i posted? Just use the ignore button!)
Thanks given by: Ariel , snorsorbet , LutiChris
thanks alec!
and like this its better?
[Image: 4a2167b4dff2819843a30bd65b57f2a7-d3i3iyp.png]

Thanks Marshll!

Marshall edited this post 06-07-2011 02:53 AM because:
looks great
[Image: p45mycA.png]
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Whoa!!! your sprites are awesome!!I really want to see some more awesome sprites from you.
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