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Ariel's Sprites
old thread:

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Hero Fighter (Click to View)
never old sprites (Click to View)
[Image: p45mycA.png]
WHoa! What did you use to make that? Looks cool especially Sten and the one standing on 1 hand. WANT MORE! Can you draw Sasuke doing Chidori?
[Image: icyboards-ad-468x60.gif]
Thanks given by: Ariel
Really Great Sprites!
Loved your sprites for Earth and the other char.[don't remember his name]
Thanks given by: Ariel
How did you do that, those are REALLY REALLY cool. I want to see more if possible.
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rocky remade
[Image: fe9f885a449db79ef8e1c0c33d3a9785-d3hcuoq.gif]
[Image: p45mycA.png]
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nicely done but the flame effect looksstrange, maybe put in a few more frames so its smoother
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i change the second frame
[Image: 27530331b147958a724f4ec4c4edd16f-d3hd6ed.gif]
this one better?
[Image: p45mycA.png]
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Looks good but that green power isn't looking good.
Make it more bright and add some more animation to it like adding some which are in fireballs.
Thanks given by: Electric2Shock , Taniaetc , Ariel
could have added a more contrasted shading on pants, but still ok with me ;) sprite looks nice.
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Thanks given by: Ariel
[Image: 6b8fce129a8e6f8f7829e6cdd04c5baa-d3hv2xs.png]
when freeza made his hero Fighter i wanted to try make a HF style too
so i started like freeza with mading a HF base
i made every each part with a few layers that every layer is other color (shdows and lights)
iv wored on it a few days and its 100% my AND i tried to make it close to the HF style :D :D

ho and B"W
it isnt the regoular size i just make it small to post it the real one is 500X300 or somthig like this XD

Freeza i realy want to know what u think! :D

[Image: p45mycA.png]
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