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I want to change some images in lf2,and I have read that ResHacker.exe is the right program for doing that.
I replace the bmp but lf2.exe doesn't work.
Which is the problem???!!!!Mad 2Mad
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Need more information!
Which image replaced with what?
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This is the first trying that I am trying to make.
I have made on the new bmp just 2 lines,I have not changed the imgage size.
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LF2 sometimes bitches around when you alter resources like that. That's why you should always have a valid backup stored somewhere to revert it to a previous (working) state.

Assuming that you haven't changed the filesize of the bitmap as well, you'd be best off by redoing the replacing. I know, it's annoying, but lf2 acts weird. Silva can sing an entire opera about that :p
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(02-21-2011, 07:56 PM)Blue Phoenix Wrote:  bitches

Watch out. Azriel could give you a warning for that :|
ResHacker doesn't work for me either. Makes an .exe file that doesn't work.
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Most probably Ragor and empirefantasy used the 'save as' option to save the .exe which results in an unexecutable .exe file. This is because it carries the resources AND the DECOMPILED language when it tries to make an .exe file. This can be fixed by making a copy of the original .exe file and then using the ResHacker.exe to modify the copy of the original .exe and use the 'SAVE' option INSTEAD of THE 'SAVE AS' option.

I used ResHacker and designed many skins but I once didnt have this problem.

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No,I use just save.But when I went to lf2 folder,there are LF2.exe and LF2_original.exe
The first don't work while the second is the normal LF2 file
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I have some probable options:

1. Some of these files dont exist in your ResHacker folder
2. You have an older version get the new version >here<

3. Your exe has gone totally bonkers???
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