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Decompiling Java
ssssssssssssssssssssssay whut?
just a single topic yet :D
though implenting some lfe like blocks/creatures would be awesome :D

edit: weeee, minecraft just got updated to beta 1.3!
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dat shading is very smooth now, I approve
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But 1.3 is still bugged...
Like, random crashes upon openign doublechest, crashes upon using a portal and some other stuff

I will stick to 1.2_02 for some more days. Exspecially, as Risu's ModLoader isn't 1.3 compatible yet... No ModLoader = No (decent and clean) Modding

Btw, i think about seriously adding a easter egg block with LFE texture to my upcoming mod (which already consists of a revolutionary (serious!) Electric Furnace, an Iron Furnace and some new ores, of course everything with fresh (aka sucky, you now my spriting skills) textures).
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Return (String) System.getNewsOfTheDay();
Barely active, expect slow responses. If at all.

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